A lot has been happening. So little has been happening. Both states have been overwhelming.

I'm now 23 years old. I am also now obsessed with DeJ Loaf. I'm still constantly thinking about writing and surviving. I do more daily toward my survival that I do toward my writing. I cannot believe I'm not 13 or 19 years old. I'm 23.

nothing was the same, lol

I removed hyphens from this blog's url as I've been meaning to do so from the moment I put them in. I wrote new words for the pages of this blog. I wrote 21 "blog goals for 2k15" and ticked off three within the first few days. The 21st goal is "blog only when inspired." I changed quite a few of my addresses such as tumblr and twitter please take note. In case you're looking to find me there.

I'm working on my shop with a seriousness and hopefulness I haven't applied in the past two - three years. You will be the first to know when everything is set up and ready to go live. When I'll ask for your support in terms of shares and retweets. "It's hard to do these things alone." Yesterday, when I wrote two paragraphs on what I'm trying to do with the shop, because someone had asked me, I realised I need to write down shop-related things more.

I wrote another list of unnumbered goals. For my life in the realm of 2k15. There are two writing related goals. But the general theme carries on from the only goal I set for existing in the realm of 2k14: be kinder to myself. Be soft. Be gentle. I'm currently more open to meeting and getting to know people that I've ever been in the past five years. I cut my hair the day after my 22nd birthday and again in February. Haven't combed in months (unless running my fingers though my sopping wet hair counts). After my 23rd birthday I strongly considered getting a mohawk but then I saw JCole in the Apparently video. I want to erotically massage JCole's hair. I've since postponed all hair decisions.

The last thing I'd like you to know today is that I've decided to start a Tinyletter. I don't know when I'll be ready to send it out or make the details public but it's happening. It's something I've decided to do for myself and when it's come together and I have things to share, you'll know the information. Days go when I receive over ten emails and all of them are just updates from websites to which I signed up and forgot the information. Days go when I don't write a single thing. I don't expect anyone to sign up but I'll do it anyway.

This is weaker than the "I'm back! New Year, Bad me" post I had imagined in my head but it's all right.

How are you doing?