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Friday the 13th? Why, yes, I'll post an outfit on the internet because it always takes me a special occasion to post pictures of me in clothes on the internet. No, don't go googling a variety of term combos hoping to stumble on pictures  of me not in clothes.

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Braced my elbow on the wall and my sister told me nothing.

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I wore this **gasp** All-MrP ensemble on Sunday, possibly the hottest day since the summer began. The shoes are likely the last things I bought on my last shopping trip all the way back in mid-2014. I wore this skirt a lot a lot in 2012, the blouse I believe is from early 2013. I bought this blouse solely with the vision of wearing it with very short shorts and a bra only. All in all I felt nice in this ensemble, I believe all credit goes to the blouse. There aren't any pictures of me looking directly into camera because I look so angry in each one. Not my beautiful, dreamy, witchy "uthi awunyi???" resting face. Something else.

I was honestly the worst kid at school and I don't ever remember getting dresses up in red and white for Valentine's Day. I'd wear my uniform and never paid the "fundraising" fees we were charged for wearing civvies. As a grown woman, I wore my hilar hearts cardigan on Valentine's (and striped red and white tee the year before) without being aware in was 14th Feb, so all too-cool-for-this-shit irony was lost.

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Do you get dressed for days where you're expected to dress up in certain colours or theme? When I wrote the title I could hear was "Burgundy! Please, god, tell me I have not inspired something burgundy."