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At any given moment I am wanting to do tens of hairstyles and get a buzzcut all at the same time. (Actually, I think I'll start a hairstyle scrapbook, oh wait...) I'm really enjoying the move away from weave -- particularly the boring, expensive remy with a middle part take on weave -- that South African  personalities are on. I'm an advocate for women doing whatever the fuck they want with their bodies and I love experimenting, straying from the in look even more. For a while, it seemed, the unwritten rule for people on our TV was the weave tied like durag look and most of the starlets conformed to it. This look as a choice, I advocate wholly, but if it comes from 'but I won't get x gig otherwise' then there's problems, suhn. Anyway, here my faves and their coiffure plural.

Nomuzi Mabena
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L -R: Nomuzi's instagram (@Moozlie), Mpho Lehlongwa for Live Magazine SA, Nomuzi's instagram.

Nomuzi Mabena is probably the most important person in the public eye right now. She's just jamming to her own beat and wearing whatever, twerking for fitness and fun and working hard. I think Nomuzi is only a year older than me -- I can't be more proud of being born-almost-free! She's been rocking her bald head since that time she lost out on the Live Amp job to her now BFF Loot. Can we talk about her vibes? One time (on RGB) she talked about all her current style references: Vinoliah on Jam Alley, MaBrrr, et plus. Swoon. Also, only realised after the fact that the images I chose all have her in headgear. Aren't her vibes just the best?

Nandi Mngoma
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L-R: LeboLukewarm, At the SAMAs source unknown, Nandi's IG
Listen! Nandi is so gorgeous. Whenever I look at pictures of her I hear her beautiful (speaking)* voice and just feel a sense of calm -- no lie. I remember as far back as when she had her short s-curl baca situation. She's really been working her german cut/isiKendrick/isiLupita. Just lush. She's also constantly been about the African aesthetic in her interviews and her "look", which I adore.

lootlove hairstyles, lootlove swag, lootlove red weave, lootlove blond weave,
(L-R): Loot's Insta, Loot's FB,

Luthando Shosha stays doing the most with her weave choices and I love her for it. She's not about the weave script mentioned above. Uh-uh. Loot is all edgy bobs and cuts to which I can't figure the ends and starts most Friday nights. Most recently she had long braids.

Nova Masango
nova masango hair, nova masango natural hair, nova masango hairstyle
L -R:, Thina Zibi

My girl Nova is not famous in the traditional sense but I just had to put her in here because she's out there in the tumblrs and tweets repping big hair. I've been off the radar for so long I don't know if she's grown her shaved sides like she'd been anticipating when I was still on the interwebz. Also, she makes wonderful turban decisions. 

Candy Kalawa

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Like, if this is your aunt or your sister you're so lucky because you share genes with her. She's gorgeous and dope! She's wonderful in the tradition of Kalawa's carefree women (Lebo, Thandiswa etc etc) We need more pictures of this here woman. Someone style her for a visual thing.

Andile Galesiwe
khumbulekhaya andile, black woman with blond hair, andile khumbulekhaya hair,
L - R:,, unknown
Been blonde since forever and every Wednesday night she brings it.

Dj Doowap
colourful box braids, dj doowap braids, ghetto goth box braids, yellow box braids, lumo box braids,
Credits(L-R) Lionwolf -more here, Doowap's FB, Doowap's FB via Manic Creations.
All of the braids! Where does she get all these extensions? I really don't know much about her aside from her being on Y and having sweet taste in hair extension colour. I'm here for Doowap.

Merica  Monamoli (YoTV)
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All images via Merica's FB.

You lot know I've been unemployed this last while, which means I've been watching a lot of YoTV. In that time Merica's hair changes -- sometimes seeming as swift as a mood ring -- have captivated me. I remember one episode when she and co-host (and my sister's crush) KayB talked about bad hair days and the measures they took to keep their styles fresh. There was mention of hats and bi-mothly styling sessions. Merica recently went form 'hawk, which she mostly braided, to buzz-ish cut and dyed it.

Tsholo Maseko
tsholo maseko hair, tsholo maseko haircut, tsholo maseko modeling,
L - R: Mzansi Insider FB, Tsholo's FB, Tsholo's Instagram

Tsholo is really one of my fave TV people. Maybe it's because I will wake up to her on Saturday mornings and I remember when she auditioned for Ses'khona so I feel we go way back? Tsholofelo's hair texture is my hair texture. Like all the other women, she'll do braids and a weave and whatever in between. 

Zizo Beda
zizo beda, zizo beda hair, zizo beda dreadlocks, zizo beda garnier, zizo beda short hair, zizo beda style, natural locking of hair,
L - R: Garnier promo, Jerri Mokgofe at According to Jerri, Zizo's FB

Zizo is really, actually my day one. In her post-Miss Teen crowning interview (with her awkwardly short but long braids) she said "I want to say hi to all my Mpintsis" and I imagined that I too were her Mpintshi. I may have observed that her dreadlocks are too thin (if they were on my head anyway) while watching an episode of Selimathunzi but I love her. She's had to put up with some rude shit regarding her hair in the past in the papers none of it regarding the health of her hair, of course. Her hair is obviously healthy but Shwashwi too concerned with calling her rural to care. Stuff those people. I'll never forget the screen fading in on her for a TV commercial debut. For an international brand. With her kinky hair. ~ emotional ~

South African women are very individual but, most important of all, shruggy when it comes to hair. All these women could change their hairstyles tomorrow and it wouldn't be a thing. I adore the current incarnations of their hair, and the decisions they've made. I can't wait to see what they do with it a year from now.

Special mention to blogging superstars Funeka Ngwevela at The Quirky Stylista for her enduring (faux?) fro, Milisuthando Bonglela at Miss Milli B for her past braids and current cut and my babes Zipho at Tony Gum for being an  immeasurable force/hottie

Whose tresses do you just love, locally? 

*I'm not versed on Nandi's music, sorz.

DISCLAIMER: After this exercise I can pretty much say South Africans are pretty lousy at archiving stuff online. If I've used any of your images and you want them correctly attributed or removed please shoot me an email.