8 December 2014

Summer Vibes + p l a y l i s t

Summah 2k14

sebenza - dirty paraffin// ebumnandini - doc shebeleza // worst behaviour - drake // groover's prayer - thebe ft zonke// amantombazane - riky rick ft okmalumkoolkat// party - beyonce ft jcole// caracara - ko ft kid x, yamnandi into - dj cndo ft dj lusiman // spin my world - dj kent ft the arrows// dont stop the music - rihanna// we cant stop - miley cyrus// summer fling - willow smith

I was going for a lot of things here. I mean for most south africans summer is a glorious couple of weeks in December and one week in January of total debauchery. We get off work, go home and be with the people who are the centre of our specific universes, spend money (if you have money),  fall in love and just generally act like these three - four weeks are our personal Forever. Camp Chair Culture flourishes in the summer and these are the songs I'd want to hear while chilling phansi komthunzi weumbrella.

With this playlist I feel I've covered turn up, Girls Owning Summer, falling in love on the dance floor and, of course, nostalgia, because reasons. I also added what I found to be two of the biggest songs this year. I strongly considered making *this* image the cover of this mix.

What's your favourite summer song?

Nomali Cele: putting djs out of work since '92 or nah?

3 December 2014

Mzantsi Hair Stars

south african women clelebrities with short hair, haircut ideas for black women,
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At any given moment I am wanting to do tens of hairstyles and get a buzzcut all at the same time. (Actually, I think I'll start a hairstyle scrapbook, oh wait...) I'm really enjoying the move away from weave -- particularly the boring, expensive remy with a middle part take on weave -- that South African  personalities are on. I'm an advocate for women doing whatever the fuck they want with their bodies and I love experimenting, straying from the in look even more. For a while, it seemed, the unwritten rule for people on our TV was the weave tied like durag look and most of the starlets conformed to it. This look as a choice, I advocate wholly, but if it comes from 'but I won't get x gig otherwise' then there's problems, suhn. Anyway, here my faves and their coiffure plural.

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