So I'm sure you've been thinking that bitch just dropped the first gen Macintosh of posts and then pulled a disappearing act on us. Who does she think she is???

I'm me.

I'm also poor, which is very sad face.

But I'm on the internet again because strangers can be so kind to me. It's beyond words. Also, that mac of posts has been updated with more songs of carefree.  Hold your applause.

This is a pic of all the makeup I own. I spilt it when I wanted to draw on some brows for you ~ cater 2 you style ~ then I remembered I have a bb pic from a while ago of me with purplish brows.

i luh you papi

Dunno what's that in my eye...

I feel like posting rando hair pics for no reason other than vanity. My hair is so dry and neglected that I'm strongly weighing just cutting it.

Last week I noticed, for the first time that this tree blooms jacarandas. I've lived here for a while. Have I been sleep-walking through every spring? Ok in honesty, the only blooms I cared about were that of peach trees. Idc

I sold my camera last friday for R1, 300.00, which was just enuf to catch up on my rent and pay back the taxi fare money I borrowed to go sell the camera. I'm not bothered to have sold a possession to survive. I'm bothered I couldn't get us a few meals out of the sale as well. I'm practically Buddha. Right? Meals have been spread so thinly that I'm worried my body might be feeling some type way.

I'm about to queue up some old posts that I wrote on the memo pad of my blackberry curve 9320 while sad-facing about not being able to afford internet.  I'm quite far from 'back' but I'm still here.

As always, thank you for stopping by.

badgal is back on instagram. So happy to be alive