16 August 2014

Self-care in the Time of Flawless

8 August 2014

Wear a Crop Knit Three Ways

I've been talking about my most recent personal thrifting trip on my facebook quite a bit lately. I only bought myself two items on said trip -- a pink v neck knit that will look great with jeans and a-line skirts and this (champange?) crop. I've been enjoying the fat crop top on international girls for months now and when I came across this baby I had to have it.

6 August 2014

How I Write: A Blog Tour

This post is an interesting and possibly redundant one. Full disclosure: I think more about writing than anything else. I spend more time thinking about writing than actually writing. This is all because writing is so important to me it scares me. The lovely Haley Rankins who writes one of my favourite corners of the web, here, tagged me on the blog tour challenge -- read her response to the prompt here.

1. What are you working on?

I have a slew of writing haunting me because I'm a procrastinator, because I get scared and leave things unfinished, because I feel things. I started an essay in May -- the fifth anniversary of my mother's death was coming up -- but have left it alone since because I felt less than. There's also the short story that morphed itself into a novella, I leave it for weeks then write the smallest details until I can taste them. I'm working on various blog posts, including a blogging resource. I was working on an interview, which just wasn't coming together so I left it alone. I haven't written in my journal in months because I always gravitated to it when the tears wouldn't stop -- I didn't like that.

2. How does your work differ from others of its genre?

I'm a black feminist in Africa. I'm a black woman. I'm a dead mother's child. Is this even relevant? Probably not. I hope that my fiction work but especially my essays speak to this. I certainly do not blog as much as many lifestyle bloggers do -- I'm a loner too, which makes the life part of my blogging a bit bare. I put myself in my blogging (and writing) as much as possible. My writing (on the internet) differs from that of other life bloggers because nobody reads it. Yes.

3. Why do you write what you do?

I got on the internet because I needed to document my life -- when I wasn't being lazy -- possibly to feel less alone. I write a life blog because it feels a little like confessional poetry. Jk. Dunno, what else could I write about? What else do I know more that what's been (not) happening in my life?

In terms of my other writing, which isn't blog geared I write to share my perspective on usually universal things. I hope to "describe things for a living" as Joshua Bennett put it. Or live to describe things. 

4. How does your writing process work?

Haha. I get a decent idea, write a sentence and run away. I feel guilty somewhere alog the line and write a bit more in my kakberry's memo pad. I run some more.

5. Tag three writers to answer these questions.

If you read this and would like to do it then please do and tell me about it so I can check your process out. I tag Anja (sorry, I know this may end up being about your day job, don't let it because I'm not paying you! lol), Heather and Khensani.

Thank you for tagging me, Haley, and thank you for reading

- Nomali

4 August 2014

Skincare Lately.

This post has been a long time coming. I had halfheartedly decided, before the latest adjustment to the old skincare regiment, that maybe I should go back to strictly the greenbar, {sometimes} vaseline, LOTS of water and a prayer bacause my face just wasn't cooperating or doing what I wished it would. What that is is to just to stay reasonably moisturised and heal scars and blemishes faster than the current rate. But as you can see from the photographs, I haven't resigned myself to my childhood skincare routine, yet. Here's what I've been doing skincare-wise lately.

The first time I bought this pair I was actually looking for the Neutrogena Grapefruit wash I'd last used a while back and a generic toner because the Neutrogena one hadn't been all that -- especially considering the price. Sadly I still haven't been able to find it at my local Clicks. This cleanser is pretty good with all the granules. I'd been using a creamy wash before this but it didn't feel as clean as this does -- yes, I'm officially weird about creamy face washes. Transparency: I don't know what the fuck the toner is actually supposed to be doing. I know that the cotton ball I use to tone/wipe always looks like there's been some dirt removed and whatever.

First came this baby, which I use mostly everyday unless I feel like some vaseline then it's whatever. I'm very careful now when I pick up products that promise to "remove impurities" because one time a product was convinced that my melanin was an impurity and my skin is still trying to recover from the trauma. The first few weeks it seemed like this Garnier moisturiser was working miracles on my spots (it was probably my imagination) but it's stagnated. I still like it though but will probably slow down on it when it gets warmer because though it is light, it has nothing on the Simple moisturiser.

Fun Fact: when I was in grade nine, Thandiwe Zwane told me that her older sister, who was in matric, used bio oil on her face at night. I think I told my mother and she tried it for a while back then. When I asked my sister to pick me up some when she went to the mall I was planning on using it on regions that are neck down -- it being winter at the time and all. I've ended up using it on my face every other day and I really feel good when I've applied it, mostly because I'll probably be indoors all day and I won't look all shiny to the world. When it gets hot I'm likely stick to the before bed rule.

Aqueous cream! When last?! I think we can all tell that I'm sort of a Clicks products addict. Has this been a successful winter in terms of keeping the ash far, far away? Nope. But I'm on my way to recovery. I also alternate between vaseline and the zambuk when I'm giving the lip crayons a break. I put some cheapo tissue oils, which I forgot to photograph, in the aqueous because dry skin is just not nice.

Thank you for stopping by.
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