On Snakes + Bone

I always pre-face any of the million times I over-share my love of Yrsa Daley-Ward's words with this: seeing her share at word 'n sound, in Johannesburg, was one of a few truly good things about my 2012. It had been a long year but an even longer day. I'd gone to see Joshua Bennett, and though his set was lovely, Yrsa stole the day. She moved me to my core. There I was, in a crowd of strangers, all by myself and this wonder started sharing all these stories. Stories that could have been mine or those of women I grew up with and knew.

In 2013, when her short story collection came out I had to have it. The same feeling came over me when Bone was released. I'm yet to get my money right and get both books, which I'm certain will make my life infinitely better, into my hands.  But if your internet and money life is correct and you're looking for something beautiful for yourself or one of your people then I recommend Yrsa's words.

What books do you currently have on your wish list?

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