As mentioned in my catch up post, I'm currently unemployed and even though I'm now, slightly, stressing about it because money it really has its moments. These are the 7 little blessings of being unemployed.

1. Sleeping in.

This is the best thing ever. I don't have to wake up at 05:30 or sleep early or anything.

2. Self dates ally willy nilly.

The day I stopped at my most recent job was the fifth anniversary of my mother's death. I was feeling beat. So I went to Hyde Park, after collecting all my stuff from my desk drawers, to fetch my books, buy new books and cake and watched Maleficent in a cinema all by myself. It was a moment of calm after months (maybe nearly a year) of tense, holding my breath. I also went to an art show by myself in Newtown on possibly the coldest night.

3. Breathing

What I've learnt from my previous jobs is that I'm always highly-strung and stressed and panicking when I'm employed. This is a combination of never knowing how long I'll have a job and the pay cheque to pay cheque life.  I've been breathing this last month.

4. Walking, running and all that.

These are all things I could be doing easily right now because I've the time. Granted, I'm not doing them at present but I could if I weren't so lazy.

5. I read a book.

I binge-read the bulk of Americanah in two days and a bit. It felt SO good because I hadn't been able to quiet my mind down long enuf to finish a book. Then yesterday I drifted through the last few pages and now it's finished.

6. Re-invention, true passions and all that.

My ultimate goal (for the next three - five years, at least) is to work toward being a creative consultant. Lol. I actually see myself, dunno if I've mentioned this here before, in a small, sunny office writing copy and creative solutions with clothes on a rail. An office where people can stop by for some oj and some thrtifting. It seems possible now. Maybe until I desperately need money and settle for the next job I get. Again. But of all the things that come with not having a job this is the best one. The possibility of EVERYTHING happening, the possibility of it being the time right now.

7. Planning and leisurely pacing.

Yesterday I made a short grocery memo pad that I called "groza". I've been making many other lists that have to do with this blog and life. #Blessed.

What little blessing are you currently enjoying? 

Thank you for stopping by.

Photos are from this photo set, called The Right to Idle by the critical, as in v v v important, Jenny Zhang.