31 July 2014

7 Little Blessings of Being Unemployed.

As mentioned in my catch up post, I'm currently unemployed and even though I'm now, slightly, stressing about it because money it really has its moments. These are the 7 little blessings of being unemployed.

1. Sleeping in.

This is the best thing ever. I don't have to wake up at 05:30 or sleep early or anything.

2. Self dates ally willy nilly.

The day I stopped at my most recent job was the fifth anniversary of my mother's death. I was feeling beat. So I went to Hyde Park, after collecting all my stuff from my desk drawers, to fetch my books, buy new books and cake and watched Maleficent in a cinema all by myself. It was a moment of calm after months (maybe nearly a year) of tense, holding my breath. I also went to an art show by myself in Newtown on possibly the coldest night.

3. Breathing

What I've learnt from my previous jobs is that I'm always highly-strung and stressed and panicking when I'm employed. This is a combination of never knowing how long I'll have a job and the pay cheque to pay cheque life.  I've been breathing this last month.

4. Walking, running and all that.

These are all things I could be doing easily right now because I've the time. Granted, I'm not doing them at present but I could if I weren't so lazy.

5. I read a book.

I binge-read the bulk of Americanah in two days and a bit. It felt SO good because I hadn't been able to quiet my mind down long enuf to finish a book. Then yesterday I drifted through the last few pages and now it's finished.

6. Re-invention, true passions and all that.

My ultimate goal (for the next three - five years, at least) is to work toward being a creative consultant. Lol. I actually see myself, dunno if I've mentioned this here before, in a small, sunny office writing copy and creative solutions with clothes on a rail. An office where people can stop by for some oj and some thrtifting. It seems possible now. Maybe until I desperately need money and settle for the next job I get. Again. But of all the things that come with not having a job this is the best one. The possibility of EVERYTHING happening, the possibility of it being the time right now.

7. Planning and leisurely pacing.

Yesterday I made a short grocery memo pad that I called "groza". I've been making many other lists that have to do with this blog and life. #Blessed.

What little blessing are you currently enjoying? 

Thank you for stopping by.

Photos are from this photo set, called The Right to Idle by the critical, as in v v v important, Jenny Zhang.

28 July 2014

Catch up.

Hello blog reader (s)!

I recently had my half-birthday, hahaha that's not really the sort of thing I keep track of -- my actual birthday is shit enuf. Anyway. I feel like it's been a while since I've written here so I decided it's time you and I caught up.

I was writing a short story, which turned itself into a novella, but I got scared and lazy so I stopped. I'm terrible that way. I'm reading Americanah, which I could have finished last Wednesday but I've put it down to save it somehow.  

I'm unemployed again. I really feel like we talk about my lack of employment, shitty job situations and all of that A LOT, you and I. But yes, I'm back on the market. Back to stressing about rent for a place I hate with all my heart and money for food. Nobody said being alive would be easy, right? I actually liked this job. The environment was mostly good and fun, the work had potential to be great but sadly I was being pushed in a direction that required me to do things I was rubbish at while ignoring the stuff I rock at. So we mutually parted and, like, two weeks later they were implementing ALL the things I kept suggesting we do, suggestions for which I kept getting shrugged at. Now I don't have to worry about my future prospects because duh I'm going to be homeless and starve soon. That's a bit better than feeling inadequate and waiting to be fired, right? Riiiight, you guys?

In great news, I guest blogged for the Legit blog. It was awesome! I really pushed myself to write that (after much procrastinating) because I'd said I would. My word is all I have.  Read my post here if you're interested. My sister was all "why don't they have you write for them often?" I don't know.

I was at an Edgars ages ago (in early June?) to buy bras (because what else do you do in life when you have boobs) so I decided to also buy my first lip crayons. They're pretty convenient and make for a more moisturising option than lipstick. I bought  Revlon and Rimmel sticks but unfortunately found out later that I hadn't chosen the matte ones. The Revlon counter was pretty bare so I didn't get a choice of any of their vibrant hues. My first reaction, to the Rimmel crayon especially, was a meh shrug that stemmed from me expecting else entirely. But with time and repeat use I've come to like the little sucker.

Wearing the Rimmel lasting colour rush.

I have a new twitter account, same user name same boring tweets if you're looking for me. I'd had my old twitter since 2011. After I got my first job. Before I got my first Blackberry. When I went to visit my grandmother I hadn't seen I years. When I was 19 and (mostly) fresh from college. So I'd spent about two years over-sharing and trying, shit hoping, to forge meaningful relationships with other humans on the internet. Wanting to attain 500 followers. I remember the day I hit the 500th follower then went back to 496 or some shit. Then it stopped feeling like mine aka nobody following me cared what I was tweeting. Lol. It also felt like I was a sort of outsider. I know, a loner on the internet? Whut!? Like everyone was friends with everyone else and I was sitting by myself live-tweeting taxi rides. I still follow most of the same people with the new account because they're funny and thoughtful. Maybe I'll even get over nobody DM-ing me.

I have new items up on my store, sales of which will probably help me pay my rent one of these month ends :D. The store, though currently offline, lives here and i tweet for it here

Lastly, but most exciting of all is that I have a computer again, my computer. A boy cpr-ed it back to life and I'm very grateful. This will make it possible for me to write here more often and seek out freelance copywriting gigs and all that delicious young adult stuff. I've also been tinkering with the blog's design. There are a couple of posts coming up -- including an interview and a skincare update!

I hope you're well. Thank you for stopping by, lover

18 July 2014

Review | My First Time Using X-Pression Hair Extensions

x-pression hair extentions, purple braids, black and white braids tumblr, braid fibre review,


Even though I'm still struggling with whether I should go back to growing my hair or whether I should cut it again I went ahead and got some braids put in. Yup! I've purple twists in now. And they're sort of amazing. I'd been meaning to get the style and colour for the longest time but between procrastination and feeling constantly busy (even though I hardly ever do anything) it would be about a eight weeks before I eventually sat down for about FIVE HOURS. This certainly reminded me why I only got very short -- so short they were a bit of a crime -- box braids, a bob and a straight back in 2013. Getting braids is so much admin. And if I hear "you just have too much hair" one more time...

11 July 2014

Book Craving

On Snakes + Bone

I always pre-face any of the million times I over-share my love of Yrsa Daley-Ward's words with this: seeing her share at word 'n sound, in Johannesburg, was one of a few truly good things about my 2012. It had been a long year but an even longer day. I'd gone to see Joshua Bennett, and though his set was lovely, Yrsa stole the day. She moved me to my core. There I was, in a crowd of strangers, all by myself and this wonder started sharing all these stories. Stories that could have been mine or those of women I grew up with and knew.

In 2013, when her short story collection came out I had to have it. The same feeling came over me when Bone was released. I'm yet to get my money right and get both books, which I'm certain will make my life infinitely better, into my hands.  But if your internet and money life is correct and you're looking for something beautiful for yourself or one of your people then I recommend Yrsa's words.

What books do you currently have on your wish list?

Thank you for stopping by.
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