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This is just a quick post to stop this place from resembling a graveyard. I've had this post in the recesses of my mind for a while. 

I don't remember now where I first heard about Forever 21 heading to South Africa but I know I was a bit disappointed as that first report only indicated a store in Cape Town. Fast forward weeks and I hear (again, I can't recall where) that there's a Jozi location on the cards. The Johannesburg location will be in Rosebank, if I'm not mistaken and the reports are accurate. I've never actually been to the actual MALL park of Rosebank but I've been in the area a few times. Hey, it'll only be two taxis to some fashun for this fattie! ^_^

I'm really excited about this development and I hope so much that they bring their plus line along. This market needs it. A lot. Maybe the presence of a clothing store that takes fat girls and women's sartorial needs seriously will shake things up and spurr all the local retailers into action. Action that will see proper clothes that are on par with trends designed for the plus girl. Action that may lead to a plus model appearing on campaigns.

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Of course, there are plenty other international brands coming this here, which are you most excited for?

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