Lately what I wear, to my job as it's the only place I go and actually bother putting trousers and a bra on for, has pretty much been based on can I throw my long-lost denim jacket over it and still be warm/ put together? If only for a little bit. Work being the only place I ever go means that I can tend to overdress, i.e the first time I wore my loud ass orange dress. It's overdressed because I essentially work in someone's home office. That's it. The other side of this coin re my style is that I can pretty much wear tracksuits, which I sometimes do and it leads to rut land. I suppose this is possibly one of the causes of my not dressing like myself, the never going anywhere I mean.

This post is possibly me begging the internet for friends and pleading for people in Johannesburg to ask me to go places with them. Sure, I'll definitely say no but ask me anyway. Do a good deed. Or whatever. OK, maybe let's wait for spring. Ask me in the spring and I'll say no with the sweetest voice you can imagine.

You may notice that the title is lamenting my laziness as far as getting those twists I desire put in is concerned. I know exactly what I want to get but I just haven't been able to kick my ass into getting it done because meh. Also it's so bloody cold. Imagine sitting outside for three to five hours in this cold.  I bought the hat (faux-headwrap/turban?) thing ages ago and never got around to wearing it. I feel it would be improved (and I'd look less Zion Sunday School Leader) if I had the braids I want peeking out. Oooh, look at me being art direction-y.

Anyway.This is what a 10-second timer gets you:

 jacket: Thriftted// dress & scarf: Jet// shoes and socks: Ackermans// turban/headwrap/hat thing: Street Vendor

My feeling is that the internet needs a detailed pic (with an instagram filter!!!) of my turban/headwrap/hat thing. I actually wear it backwards because I feel (yes, own that thang) that the pattern at the back is batter than the front. Oop.

- Nomali