This Dress Reminds me so much of my mother. She had this foul-tangerine two-piece she'd thrifted and she loved it so. I'd stopped wearing all the halter tops I had because boobs and would go on to live in boxers and pretend timberlands and a red hoodie sh'ed given me the first year of illness and the year she died. The two-piece, which I think was made of some weird organza material (say that's a thing) really looked nice on my mother and suited her personality to a t so despite my teen-faced lolz she WERKED it. This dress, on the other hand, is not my style. At all. I'm more of snore than these brazen prints and the orange would suggest. And oh, I'm way into my new shoes!!! Maybe not for eight-hour days in the winter but yesssss, man. I'm a fan. I bought the shoes and dress yesterday. 

The what must I do with my face? struggle is so real. And the leg lift? lol.
Dress: Ackermans (on sale) // Boots: Mr Price // Jean Jacket: thrifted // Neck piece: street vendor// Dead attitude: Monday morning.

You've seen some of my scars so we're totally bonded for life. I can't believe that I hadn't wore this jacket since 2012.