When I first thought of the 7 Things feature it was meant to be a celebration of the little things (and the big things!) It was meant to get me out of my head and help me pay attention to the good things that happen everyday, things that may go unnoticed of be forgotten after the initial incident because I'm naturally inclined to zoom in on the negatives. It was meant to be lessons, looking back and gratitude from each week.

So with these day-one [slash invention] vibes back on my mind I decided to try sum' sum' different for this week's 7 Things. It's only been a year since my last one, no big deal. One of my fav bloggers, Camie of Wild Spirit, has had one of the loveliest features on the internet. The Happy List is where Camie writes about the best things from her week or at that point in her life. It's the little things making her happy at the time. In the past months she's opened the feature to her readers in the form of a link up because happiness is best shared with as many people possible, duh. If you're into the whimsy (dyed hair, LANA DEL REY and gorgeous photography) check Camie's blog out. Or her insta.

So, yeah. I'm linking this week's 7 Things with all the other babes linking up to The Happy List.

1. Cereal for supper. I was feeling rather battered by Monday and so I curled right up after arriving where I stay. My sister generously makes me a bowl of Rice krispies (cold milk is so next-level better in winter) and we watched survivor.

2. Old new clothes. Best ever! I bought the dress in Feb when I was looking for a sports bra (I still am). The shoes are from 2012 and had been worn once previously. 

3. My Twitter hiatus lasted all of three days before I had to log back in to tweet really important stuff. But I'm back again on the wagon.

4. My long lost denim jacket. I don't think I'm ever taking it off again.

5. Finishing a first draft I've been procrastinating on. It's not much, just a little essay.

6. Feeling good. Not worrying about things obviously not going right/my way but being okay and just laughing anyway.

7. These two posts by Heather of Fabric of the Heart.

Here my jacket looks more rad than it'll ever be. 
My camera battery is dead apparently. That's how we got here. Anyway. This shirt dress is very short and I'm so in love. I was just thinking about one of the looks I've had at the back of my head, obsessively, for the longest time. Upon someone pointing out they could seem my undergarment worn over the tights because of admin reasons (and it's kinda cold) and me not caring, I had the look in my head again. It stems from wearing itight/shorts under my school tunic all through high school because chub rub be some hurt. Without fail there were people always on someone's back because their undergarments were showing because they're "not meant to be seen".  So I've had something like this on my mind for the longest but have always restricted it to jean skirts/jean shorts/jean dresses to be part of that whole look. Of course, Rih wins because hers is mesh and the shorts are jean undies. I keep telling y'all, I haven't been dressing like myself for the longest. But today was a good bash at it. I look like me. :-) Maybe this will be the summer to fulfill all my aesthetic longings, eh?

- Nomali