I was a bit shocked when Thursday rolled around last week and I hadn't written a single word on here. I'd like to believe that I'd been writing/photographing a lot more for this nook if I had a computer that wasn't dead (and I wasn't lazy?) that I currently am. Here we are, two posts in three days. It's remarkable!

This pic belongs here.

These are the seven things making me happy this week

  1. Short weeks with Tuesdays like Mondays but you're secretly pleased because the day after your Monday will be a Wednesday. I know I was!
  2. Avocados, bruh. I lucked out with the creamiest avos I've had in the longest. I actually sliced one, lightly salted it and ate it from the skin (with a teaspoon!) and just enjoyed myself.
  3. Laughing about silliness with my sister until I was crying.
  4. Works in progress. Writing stuff that means a lot to me and makes me giggle is fun. A week from now it might be left in my phone's memo pad to lie unfinished forever or I might think it was the silliest idea ever but right now it's making me immeasurably happy. #Feels
  5.  Boys making me laugh. One boy. Clearly laughter is a theme this week. #Blessed
  6. Cool-ish emails that boost the ole blaaaarger ego. If only a bit.
  7. Being (mostly) off Twitter. I feel like I can breathe.
And you, yes you, reading this little thing. You're always my happy thing. Thank you for stopping by.

- Nomali

PS: I wrote this yesterday in the late afternoon, then proceeded to have the worst evening. I still wouldn't take anything from this list. Just rereading it has made me feel lighter.