30 April 2014

How to do a high bun with box braids.

Days ago I shared my total envy of my sister's box braids. When I was shooting her I shot while she did her favourite top/high bun - it really took her less that 30 seconds. The pictures are contained in this post. Call it a pic-tutorial.

23 April 2014

Hair | Living vicariously through my sister.

As most of you know, I have about about a centimetre of hair right now, if that. I must say I've been missing having longer hair, especially being able to put in braids if the mood strikes. I haven't done a proper braid since 2012 as seen here, here and here.

This weekend my kid sister -- the best human, ever! She's featured previously here and here. This past weekend she got new box braids put in courtesy of her best friend and they look bomb. I'm a bit envious because of her hair growth and her cute new style. Prepare for a visual overload on of moody and pretty pictures. Yeah, I said it.

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Filter abuse. 

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Bangerz. We opened this little fun with doing the taxi driver dance to Amantombazane and Doc Shebeleza.

Check the mug of oros photo-bombing...

What hairstyle are you envying rn?

- Nomali

19 April 2014

Look inspiration for #SAMA20: 90s Style Inspiration

This year not only marks twenty of democracy for us here in South Africa it also marks the 20th instalment of the South African Music Awards (SAMAs) In the past twenty years alone our music scene has gone through an incredible evolution. (I hope they do a beautiful montage of great music over the past twenty years.)

I saw something on fellow blogger Sandy Nene's FB that trigger this short post in me. Thanks, Sandile! At first I wanted to do a what to wear to this year's SAMAs sort of post then I realised that I haven't a formal wear bone in my body, which led me to this. If you're lucky enuf to have friends and those friends love doing cool things like hosting a theme party then this will be a great post for you. If on the 28th of April you and your friends will be hosting a SAMAs viewing party//tweet-up (you should totally host one and invite me if it's in Johannesburg!!!) and you're dressing up like it's 1994 (or the '90s) again I hope this post will give you some look ideas.

Enjoy and share with your theme-party-loving friends and leave your styling suggestions in the comments section. This post was sponsored by Any Reason To Mess Around On Polyvore.

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SAMA20 #1 by nomali featuring a jean jacket
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SAMA20 #4 by nomali featuring a fisherman bucket hat

1. You can thrift the heck out of this look, call me. 2. For the grunge princess look you can switch the velvet dress for a denim dress - I have a few. 3. The Babygirl is really tomboy paradise. Play with it and live out your TLC fantasies. Or not, it's totally up to you. 4. This is the pansula look. Pull out your uncle's faded orange & navy dickies spoti or the royal blue ones nokia gave out in, like, 2005 or a thesis one if you must. Total bonus if you own a kangol hat. Reuse and all that, yo.

Hair vibez:
Matthew Stone

Yes, I'm also now the douche who puts hashtags where they're not needed. 
- Nomali

17 April 2014

Dancing in the dark.

I have a post about "stay-cations" and the sort of long weekends I'd to have in my drafts. Gotta stay posting and interested/ing and mildly funny, right? But as I stated on the FB page earlier, I will not be publishing that post because it's really bullshit and I don't want to be that sort of person. Not intentionally. So instead I've opted to contribute to the foot fetish part of the internet. Say hello to my cankles. 

 That's my scar from grade 12 (16 was a terrible year and this is the only good thing to come out of it.) The dead hands come with the package

15 April 2014

I hope I'm not sounding too desperate, I need love and affection

I'm a  tightsize 8, gift me here.
I dunno what's gotten into me but I'm sort of in love with this shoe. One, it checks the "will it make me eight feet tall?" box two, It's a lovely colour. Oh so pretty. Three, it looks sturdy and sturdy is probably what someone who has never worn heels, such as myself, needs. I'm still battling my miraculous foot injury and sort of hoping it goes away all by itself. It's miraculous because I have no fucking idea where it came from. As I'm planning for this to be a winter of darkness and cool socks this shoe would fit right in. Right in, I say.

Titile: Rihanna Loveeeeeee Song ft Future.

10 April 2014

7 things | Winter h u n g e r

1. The Camel Coat.
camel collage
Kim, Fran & Sade

I do reckon I'd be absolutely useless at wearing  a coat but I really do enjoy the camel coat. Look at how flawlessly my favs wear it? Maybe one day I'll be impeccably stylish and a coat person. Kodwa until then, I'll crave it from a distance. Like an internet crush.

2. An animal print faux coat.

It was sometime in February during one of my famously boring Saturdays that I was watching TV and the 101 Dalmatians film came on. I LOVE the Cruella de Vil theme song so much! I even tweeted that I want to walk down the street to the song while wearing my thrifted future leopard print faux fur jacket. I also kind of want everyone to say "it's that devil woman" when I show up. I want cropped to my waist.

3. Dyed Hair

These are not the colours but yay CarefreeBlackGirls.1 & 2
The only reason I regret cutting the most recent incarnation of my hair is that I can't have cotton candy fluff for hair now. I am in love with white // light grey hair of late. You know the same kind that ogogo bangakini have? Yeah. When I was eight and under my friend Afrika and I used to spend hours (until we managed to sneak away) de-dandruff-ing her grandmother's her. Now that I think back it was great hair, gorgeous. Except for the dandruff bit.  It's a sort of blessing that I cut my hair because I just dream about the colour instead on burning my poor scalp to achieve it? I WANT it! I'm actually crying a bit looking at this photoset. No afros but the colours are exquisite. Yeah, I said exquisite.

4. Combat Boots

You may remember from this post that my latest Mr Price Wishlist consists of a lot of boots. Those other ones are cute but combat boots are really what I want. I've wanted them since watching 10 Things I Hate About You for the first time when I was like 12 or 13. It seems I haven't been dressing like myself for a LONG ass time. I saw nice affordable ones from Edgars' Kelso. I'm also going to China Town with my sister this Saturday so maybe I'll fulfil this hunger soon-ish.

5. PaRih

shoddy screenshots source

Most of these things aren't even my sort of wave but I really want this. I don't know if it's a clothes thing or if it's the lushness and wealth of it all. Once again, a nod to CareFreeBlackGirls. Rihanna's fucks field is barren. Especially for things that do not include being fabulous and just hitting sixes on this thing called life. Yessss, mama. I want that for me too. And everyone else.  Also, that red coat would make a great Cruella coat for me - refer to number 2. 

6. Plans

I've started writing a 101 by 1001 list to give myself something to look forward to // to do in the darkness of winter and beyond. I have about 35 items down but have not written anything new in days. 

7. A Onesie

Because duh.


It has taken me daaaaaaaaaays to piece this post together because I don't have a computer but it's been nice, you know, taking my time. Even though it wasn't technically my time but circumstance. Boo meh.

3 April 2014

o r i g i n a l People-Watching

I first saw this video on Tuesday when it popped up on Youtube as an ad and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. The Cool Kid is an interesting breed - as I tweeted this morning this love is complex. I enjoy observing this trendy branch of my generation because I find them quite intriguing. Other times, when I'm feeling especially self-righteous, I am disgusted by the cool kid. But that's a rare, like 00.05, occurrence. Usually I'm fascinated by their ability to care CARE about causes, music, movements and warreva, so much. View the chat I had with Khensani here on the ugly side of cool kid f e e l s. This video was especially good because I know some of this places. These are street names and signs I know. I know the names of at least two people featured on the video.

In a city like Jozi it seem as though everyone knows everyone (in the cool circle) as I witnessed when I was given free tickets by bloggers to attend to things that Puma had organised in the city. Again, it's delicious to watch. I don't know nor do I care to find out about Danny Brown at this point in my life but this video made me smile because I enjoy seeing good thing happen to people. You see how the people featured on this video sort of geek about this man? I love that. It's like seeing part of a dream come true. Yes, I'm a vicarious creep.

I'm typing this at an internet cafe. It's as if my blogging has come full circle to 2011 when I first started.

I don't know what point I wanted to make with this. I do hope you are well.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////"Cool Kid" does not carry any of the connotation that's big in American films in this context. But rather refers to a sort of sub-culture. I thought I'd put that out there.
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