I know I've bombarded and filled FB with images from the 2014 Oscars - oh, you did not know this fact? Have you liked my FB PAGE? Do it. If you're into that sort of thing, that is. Anyway... Yes, I've spammed FB but I also feel as though I'll forget this moment if I don't catalogue it as I've catalogued stuff I really enjoyed in the past. So here it is. Lupita Nyong'o looking like a dream on the night she received her first Academy Award:

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Lupita's rise to fame and getting acknowledged by Hollywood as incredible; and being on magazines and talk shows solely to be smart and funny and charming is wonderful. But already there are fuckits using her presence to police other black women in entertainment. Other black women. "Lupita doesn't have a weave and she's famous. OMG, x star who's got a weave should learn that being "fake" does not pay. You should listen to me because I'm a fuckit who makes all the rules and respectability is the wave!!!

All this fuckery is doing is dirtying Lupita's existence and what she represents. Why should women be one way because someone says so? This not only short-changes other women but Lupita herself as well. She'll be expected to stay in this box, this facet of herself we've been privileged to witness these last few months. If these fuckit voices prevail we'll never get to see other aspects of Lupita Nyong'o. Aspects I imagine are just as beautiful and interesting and engaging. This applies to other women in entertainment, other women in life, who are expected to conform to standards set by, yes you guessed it, fuckits. 

Uhm. Ugh. I'm rambling. Remember what Lupita said "Your dreams are valid."