I've never been much of a pastel person but I'm a bit gaga about this spread Solange did on US Cosmo featuring her new line/project for Puma. It's giving me a serious warm weather saudade even though this past summer wasn't much to speak of. Now it's autumn, it's been raining insistently for over a week and I miss the sun. Solo's new line debuted in February and this feature appears in the March issue of American Cosmo. 

I enjoy the suburban vibe the most. It's a bit of a juxtaposition too, I suppose in that there are no pretty lawns in sight but it still feels burb-y.

One time Puma South Africa sent this to me (in a sort of newsletter) and they've been a want ever since. *sigh*

Sorry about the blurry picsies.

Images, bar for the shoes one, which Puma spammed me with :p