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Don't mind my puffy eyes, bad attitude and more than slightly irritable disposition - I've just come from a long weekend that was gone far too quickly.

On Friday afternoon OOMF retweeted Kanye's tweet of gratitude about his family's Vogue issue. I thought "ncaaaw, he finally got it. They finally got it" and went away from the app. Hours later there were still disgruntled fashion people up and down my timeline (by way of retweets) and I was just like -_____-. The next morning one such disgruntled person (a funny blogger I really like) tweeted how "anyone" could now be on the cover of Vogue. And as expected, when I asked what she was basing this on she referenced Kimye's April cover.

They are not "anyone." He is Kanye West and she's Kim Kardashian. That's hardly pedestrian.

Another person, an online entrepreneur I really respect, was on the issue AGAIN. Stating that if the publication really wanted a two-people cover then they should have featured "equals" citing Bey and Jay, Posh and Becks and Mary Kate and Asheley. I again asked why she thought this particular issue was a stunt that would "alienate core readers" she responded with a mock Vogue cover featuring what I assume is Honey Boo Boo senior stating that it might as well be a future Vogue cover.


I don't know much about reality shows that aren't Survivor or The Amazing Race (Welfare TV woes are endless) but I don't remember hearing that the Honey Boo Boos are into fashun. So, like, how can we then equate Kimye's cover with it being an invitation for all US Weekly cover stars? The couple is not on the cover only because of Kim's family show or Kanye's hip hop career. They're this A-list couple that commands public interest and is seriously vested in fashion.The couple (granted Kim has shown a stronger interest since being with Ye) are into high fashion and enjoy that world, which seemingly refuses to embrace them. Even if it were about Kanye's Hip Hopping... Chile that man is a cultural phenomenon and (sorry for some) so is Kim. Had it been different people the cover would have been lauded and held up as representation for multiracial families, which aren're all that visible in Amerikuuh.

The world just refuses to get over what a consenting Kim Kardashian did ages ago. Far worse, to them, is the fact that she did not cower in shame when a person she trusted released an intimate detail of her life. She did not roll over and die because the world now knew that she had sex. She fucking rose and made an industry out of her name and pretty much created income streams for her whole family. She was in a relationship with that man (though the only thing that should matter is the fact that she consented and enjoyed herself.) Of all the things the world wants shame Kim Kardashian for her only true mistake was trusting a fuckbwoy. Dassit.  And as far as Ye is concerned, to quote the man "No, Kanye, you can't run faster. This is the limit that was made. These are the walls that Michael Jackson, Russel Simmons and Jay-Z broke down for you... This is the end of it."

I have complex thoughts on Kimye's relationship but I don't think about them too much because they do not involve me but the suggestion that they're not equals or aren't as much a power couple as the others mentioned above is a bit yawnfest. I've mentioned before that the framing of 
Beyoncé's sexuality and sexual
expression in the context of Jay-Z and her marital status does a disservice to Beyoncé (married women?) and other women in general. But those are feelings for a whole other day. Is Posh also not viewed as slightly better than other (single) women in the spotlight because she's married (and white?) Can we not pull images of Victoria Adams and shriek "euuuw!"? She was afforded the chance to explore fashion and hone her tastes and is now viewed as an icon. What fashion credentials did she have starting out? She pushed and kept at it and got breaks. Again, this is not about Posh Spice either. These two successful women are not the problem, it's the people who pit them against each other and against Kim who are problematic. As if women can't live, be and express a million different things. Ugh. 

Fashion circles (and it seems some fashion people) are elitist, small-minded, racist and oh so frustrating. I'm just saying check yourself and why you're so offended by a magazine issue that probably won't change a damned thing in your fashion industry. Allow other children to achieve their dreams and stop showing your ass so much. Ask yourself why you want to uphold old "values" of an institution that is so damn exclusionary. Does it make you feel better about yourself constantly seeing people who look just like you, believe in the same stuff and represent your conditioning?

You're allowed to not like Kanye or Kim or the cover. You are. But if your dislike of the issue is because of deeper stuff than "oh it's them? meh" then hhayi ke your issues are sad.

*goes back to not understanding Wintour's cultural impact*