Hello. I've been a McLazy Trousers when it comes to blogging this last while but I reckon someone out there is just dying to find out all about my week and read a list of 7 things that have happened, caught my eye and made me slightly happy or unhappy.

1. It finally happened. It was too terrible.

I have no idea what it means for my already sparse blogging but I hope I'll be able to remedy the situation soon. Yes, I am taking donations and numbers for people selling their previously-loved computers in the greater Johannesburg area. Thanks.

2. This Angel Haze video is so good.

*bobs head up and down like Mrs. George*

3. Solo is on US Bazaar

Best bits:
"I'm not very good at writing songs when I have a lot of clutter in my mind."
"In a lot of ways, emotionally and mentally, I feel far older than 27."
"I've always had an annoying relationship with the term 'tastemaker,' but it's been a defining part of my career for the past couple of years."
Read the interview here.

4. My principles of living happily

What this is is a cartoon about following your dreams and becoming a teacher, the person who cleans father christmas' boots, a portrait artist in central park or a surgeon instead of what everyone else wants you to be. I just identified with this part the most. If all these things in my life were alright then I'd be so fucking happier.

5. Lust Lists.

wishes by nomali featuring ankle booties

I can't decide if this is terribly inspired my deep-seated desires to be Makhathini finally rising to the surface or if I really just like having a broken heart. Of course, these skirts don't come in my size and the shoes are a bit of a debate because in the last while Mr P shoes haven't fit me that comfortably.

6. Video Games

I don't know which version of Video Games I've been listening to but this is not it. This sounds more vulnerable and grittier as a result. I seriously want to crawl into this version. As you may know, my copy of Paradise Edition sits untouched in a pile of my dusty second-hand dvds because I haven't a dvd nor cd player and was unwilling to pub any of my new cds in my now gone Gigabyte. PS Video Games starts at 13 minutes.

7. Yoncé
Yesterday I had this thought... I was wondering what became of someone who came at Bey with a respectability attitude disguised as marketing advice when The Visual Album was being brainstormed. Did Bey hiss "off with their head"? I wonder. You know as well as I do that there was at least one person who came at her and said the album was too sexual. Patriarchy never sleeps, homes.

It's been really great deciding to focus on the positives from each week. It helps me pull back and ask "yeah but what's the good stuff? What made me laugh that one time?"

What's been up with you this past week? What caught your eye? Which one of these 7 things is your favourite?

Thanks for stopping by.