1. E m o t i o n s

"Bitch you wish I was sorry." The first time I saw this emotions chart for kids and that caption I hollered.

2. Skattie, why are you always sleeping on shit?

I've known about Malibongwe Tyilo's blog for a while and have clicked on it in the past but never really rated it. THEN, gwiqiqi, I clicked on it on Monday or something and I am now obsessed.
 I'm always on the look out for a wonderful side eye reaction image. I'm set for a while with this.
 Goodness I love this so much. I straight up rolled (with laughter) when I first saw this image. It's so complex - well my feelings on it are. Did any of the sci-fi films depicting the early 2k10s even imagine this? I'm obsessed with this image not in that judge-y "we could be getting to know each other and singing Kumbaya" tone but I'm rather fascinated by this compulsion to document.
It's like Gaga at a funeral but really just an awesome babe at a wedding.
All three images by Malibongwe Tyilo

3. Naomi Campbell. In general but specifically in this:

Versace S/S 1998, Menswear
4. Amarachi made me lose my shit on Monday. All of it. Also, do you want to be my sugar daddy? Buy me this dress.

5. This thing I printed in which the writer really just speaks my truff:
"Nothing prevents me from being a writer except laziness. A good writer."

6. Nobody knows what it means but it's provocative.

By nobody I mean myself. I dunno how I ended up following this jawn on Twirra but he sometimes makes me laugh. Even though I don't get this reference it's sounds a bit like magic. FIND ME SWEETNESS.

7. I'm now on Instagram, due the fact that someone really generous is letting me hold their iPhone. It has been such an underwhelming thing so far.

What's been happening in your world this week? Which one of these 7 things are your favourite?

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