7 Things I Learnt on Christmas Day 2013

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Happy Boxing Day, if that's also a thing where you're from. I actually don't know what Boxing Day is or what event it commemorates. Yesterday was Christmas Day, which was rainy and chill here in Soweto. I spent the day indoors, reading Harry Potter -- a little -- and eating stuff that's too sweet. These are a few of the things the day taught me.

1. I'm going to be an awesome billionaire recluse one day! Like, sometimes I have doubts regarding that lifestyle to which I aspire but the holiday taught me that I'm so going to rock it as a rich recluse. Christmas Day 2013 taught me that I actually couldn't be bothered by the commotion and festivities happening outside my door. It's going to be even better when I have my beautiful cabin in rural South Africa. Yas.

2. Choice Assorted biscuits taste the same. Meh. There's a variety of biscuits in the box and they all taste the same.

3. My sister and I are totally different people and we're blessed for it and for having each other. She didn't see any appeal in my staying indoors and went out.

4. I should always buy peach and pineapple slices for my ultramel consumption. It just tastes better with those accompaniments.

5. Baths are awesome. My day couldn't have gotten onto such a great start had I not started it with a long, leisurely bath.

6. Welfare TV sucks!!! This wasn't exactly a new lesson but for them to not organise a day's entertainment in the form of movies is extra shady. UGH. I just wanted to watch The Holiday, Love Actually and It's Complicated, man.

7. I like a boy. Technically this was a Christmas Eve 2013 lesson but still. I'm panicking, fam.

How was your holiday yesterday?


"Don't you think that it's boring how people talk?"

I call this my "Cobain" cardigan. I look like a bum in it but I love it too much. The nose stud is back.

Lala Kahle, Madiba.

By Adrian Steirn
On this sad morning my heart is with the women who knew the man best. To mama Winnie Madikizela-Mandela for her constant, true and unwavering support and belief I hope for strength, courage and peace.

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