26 December 2013

7 Things I Learnt on Christmas Day 2013

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Happy Boxing Day, if that's also a thing where you're from. I actually don't know what Boxing Day is or what event it commemorates. Yesterday was Christmas Day, which was rainy and chill here in Soweto. I spent the day indoors, reading Harry Potter -- a little -- and eating stuff that's too sweet. These are a few of the things the day taught me.

1. I'm going to be an awesome billionaire recluse one day! Like, sometimes I have doubts regarding that lifestyle to which I aspire but the holiday taught me that I'm so going to rock it as a rich recluse. Christmas Day 2013 taught me that I actually couldn't be bothered by the commotion and festivities happening outside my door. It's going to be even better when I have my beautiful cabin in rural South Africa. Yas.

2. Choice Assorted biscuits taste the same. Meh. There's a variety of biscuits in the box and they all taste the same.

3. My sister and I are totally different people and we're blessed for it and for having each other. She didn't see any appeal in my staying indoors and went out.

4. I should always buy peach and pineapple slices for my ultramel consumption. It just tastes better with those accompaniments.

5. Baths are awesome. My day couldn't have gotten onto such a great start had I not started it with a long, leisurely bath.

6. Welfare TV sucks!!! This wasn't exactly a new lesson but for them to not organise a day's entertainment in the form of movies is extra shady. UGH. I just wanted to watch The Holiday, Love Actually and It's Complicated, man.

7. I like a boy. Technically this was a Christmas Eve 2013 lesson but still. I'm panicking, fam.

How was your holiday yesterday?


23 December 2013

"Don't you think that it's boring how people talk?"

I call this my "Cobain" cardigan. I look like a bum in it but I love it too much. The nose stud is back.

6 December 2013

Lala Kahle, Madiba.

winnie madikizela-mandela
By Adrian Steirn
On this sad morning my heart is with the women who knew the man best. To mama Winnie Madikizela-Mandela for her constant, true and unwavering support and belief I hope for strength, courage and peace.

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