30 May 2013

7 Things I Like About New Beginnings

I may be terrified of the unknown but there are just somethings that I really like about new beginnings. Tomorrow marks the final day of my notice period meaning that I'll officially be unemployed and looking (tell your copywriter needing friends!)

 photo newbwginnings.jpg

1. Freedom. There's a certain freedom that comes with new beginnings. You can even reinvent yourself if you want to.
2. Anything is possible. When you choose to start anew you open yourself up to all sorts of possibilities. Embrace them.
3. My new beginning means that I get to reset and recharge.
4. New beginnings also present a new slate. It's then up to you to not let mistakes of the past to hold you back.
5. New people. I may have my reservations about people but all new beginnings present the possibility of meeting new people -- great people.
6. Those mornings of questioning yourself; wondering if you made the right decision. No matter how anxious you may be about the new beginning these mornings will serve to back up your decision. Consider them your only hour of doubt. Once you get out of bed, continue on your new path. Be awesome. As you do.
7. It's winter here. My new beginning means that I'll get to sleep in most mornings. *winks*

What are your favourite parts of starting a new path; school, job, career, relationship?


24 May 2013

I Pledge Allegiance to Girl Gangs

Another update from my "Girl Gangs" set. These are the photos, which represent frienship and love between women that  I'm currently loving. When putting together these photos there was one quote that was scratching at my mind:

"She is a friend of mind. She gather me, man. The pieces I am, she gather them and give them back to me in all the right order. It's good, you know, when you got a woman who is a friend of your mind."

-Toni Morisson, Beloved 

It's just beautiful! Got me wanting to revisit the book from start and fish it this time around. The world would be plenty improved if more of us were Thirty Mile Women to the women close to us. 

 photo gang1.jpg  photo gang6.jpg  photo gang4.jpg  photo gang3.jpg  photo gang7.jpg  photo gang5.jpg  photo gang2.jpg
1. "Frida" by Omar Viktor Diop via Facebook// 2. This reeks of Summer and lazy days that seem to leak into each other without any urgency. via weheartit// 3. TanCamera via weheartit// 4. Bata girls of Equatorial Guinea after their first communion C. 1989 via Tumblr// 5. Best friends like sisters via weheartit// 6. Georgie Wileman for Ballad Of... see Miss Milli B's post on this shoot. The nostalgia made me want to cry for all the good times I missed out on. This issue of Ballad Of is filled with girl gangs and nostalgia. I'll be looking at more of it. 7. Serving so much shade! From the ILLOGIC lookbook.


23 May 2013

7 Things I've Learnt Recently

 photo 7things.jpg
Via WeHeartit

1. Twitter hinders me. When I didn't log-in for two days I was able to use my commute time reading a book. Gatsby, to be exact.

2. Even the best laid plans go wrong. It's always these "fail safe" plans that tend to fail.

3. I'm still curious.

4. I enjoy people more than I'd like to admit.

5. I suck at marketing myself. (Insert giggle here) I just can't go on about myself.

6. I learn everyday just how much I want for my shop to take off and succeed. These last few weeks in particular have been a reaffirmation of this.

7. This is not really new but I'm a romantic. A sickening one.


13 May 2013

Some Angst Music

girls just want to have fun

I feel like I have to preface this playlist by saying that though this is called "the teenage years" it's actually just the songs I listened to a lot in high school between the age of 12 and 16. Some were my favourites, others were great for belting out while sitting around with a group of classmates. I used a number of "lyric" videos because I don't like VEVO and ads. You don't have to keep your eye on the screen while listening but I urge you to look and listen while track nine plays. It's one of the classic videos of the last 25 years by and icon. "A Burning House of a Woman" and I loved her.  So year. I made you a cassette from my teenage years. I hope you like it. I may have been a stalker creep type, if these songs are anything to go by...

1. Hot - Avril Lavigne
2. Photograph - Nickelback
3. Rockstar - Nickelback
4. Just Like A Pill - Pink
5. Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson
6. Homecoming - 'Ye
7. You Belong With me - Taylor Swift
8. My Boo - Usher & Alicia Keys
9. Ngiyak'saba - MaBrrr
10. Waiting on The World to Change - John Mayer

Happy Monday!

12 May 2013

A Few Things Lately


In my head I am convinced that I have been quite busy this year... In all honesty, do you know how much work it is to be constantly making plans and worrying? Yeah. On top of that I have been on daydreaming overdrive: if I'm not furnishing my ideal flat in the city I am snuggling up to imaginary boys. This a catch-up list of what I've actually been doing:

The first season of The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Loretta Divine has just wrapped up on SABC 3. I actually like this little show! It focuses on Riley, a young mother who wakes up one day and her ain't shit husband Kyle is gone. At first I thought he left them for another family but it turns out he was a druggie and his ego wouldn't let him stay while they were struggling financially. So Riley finds a job at Georgia's (Ms. Divine) spa. The money is OK but she needs to make quite a bit more if she's to keep her home for her children. Then one day a client is all "where's my happy ending?" Riley is mortified and confronts Georgia about it who tells her "90% of what we do here is legit." Cut to a while later and Riley's rubbing up on members of "The Client List": dudes who pay for a little bit extra. Often Riley talks to these men and helps them solve their problems, which is kind of cool. Then there's Selena, who is the one who got Riley the job. She pushes the envelope and is probably sleeping with the clients. There's Riley's brother-in-law Evan who is yummy and wants to love Riley; he's beyond smitten. I was so angry when her best friend Lacey found out what happens at the spa! I wanted to enter my TV and side eye the heck out of her. I hope there are more seasons.

Listening to:
"I'm Kendrick Lamar/ AKA Benz is to me just a car."
I've actually been listening to his other song called Poetic Justice. He's just so lovely and different! I wish I had more of his music. Bitch Don't Kill my Vibe by him is my current anthem in this life thing.

9 May 2013

Thursday Nights in.

So Every night might be a night in for me but I thought I'd share something tonight on here. Bought these cookies from The Cookie Doughme and we've been enjoying them these last few days. These two ELLE magazines are my favs, along with May's Rihanna cover. I have an interview tomorrow -- please hold thumbs that it goes well.
 photo 100_3282.jpg  photo 100_3292.jpg  photo 100_3290.jpg

I hope you're doing well and staying warm.
Love ya.

8 May 2013

Bonang For AFF | Wednesday Favourites

It's been a while since I last typed up one of these! I have been going on (AND ON) about this shoot in these past few days and for a reason! This A Fashion Friend shoot features Bonang (B*) Matheba as we rarely ever see her.... with her hair down! That's the one that caught my eye most, she seems to be having a grand ole time. We're all used to seeing her looking elegant and serious (unless yo follow her on instagram, of course.) The styling by Thithi Nteta, of tee tee is with me, is young, urban, chic and caefree. The photographer also did an amazing job. A success all around.

bonang matheba, queen b*, bonang photo shoot, bonang matheba, bonang matheba street style, bonang matheba a fashion friend, bonang matheba, bonang matheba smiling, bonang matheba happy, bonang matheba makeup, bonang matheba, bonang matheba styel, bonang matheba wearing sneakers, bonang matheba superga, bonang matheba photoshoot,

My other favourite photoshoot was "Life is Beautiful" featured on ELLE Magazine SA's April issue. Have a look at the behind the scenes here.

Any photoshoot (old or new) catch your eye lately? Please share a link.

We're quarter to the weekend!

x Noms

6 May 2013

On Maroon 5 | Music Monday

 photo MusicMonday.jpg I started listening to Maroon 5 music when I was about 14. We had a really small radio in our bedroom and on the weekends I'd listen to the Highveld FM top 40 and the station all day long. That's how I picked up the kind of sound I liked. Of course, to me the band was mostly Adam's sweet voice -- but as the name suggests there are five of them. I don't even remember if I knew how he looked at the time. That's what most people will complain about; that the lead singer is more visible. All I had was his voice.

 I remember really loving and listening to "Won't go Home Without You" two years later when my mum fell ill. It seemed to embody at lot of the pain I was going through from the uncertainty of having my rock be in ill health. It became a few of the songs that expressed my feelings at the time.

Then for a while I didn't listen to them. I stopped listening to the radio and their songs stopped popping up on the "most played" list on my phone. Maybe I was growing and changing taste, maybe I was trying to forget. A few years later they came out with the pop/dance song moves like Jagger. It wasn't like all the other songs. didn't carry any emotions but it made me want to dance. And Adam's bod.

 Today's music is just a few of my favourite songs from the band.

Maybe I really just love Songs About Jane...

Happy Monday!

5 May 2013

Thoughts on Fear

 photo braid41-1.jpg If you asked me what I'm afraid of I'd mention heights and tight spaces; creepy, dark places and snakes. But at the top of that list I'd list failure. I'm afraid of failing by not living up to my potential and achieving all that I set out to do. This is probably the biggest facet of my head space that has governed my decisions -- it's what has set a consistent fire under my ass about work. Aside from guilt that I wasn't doing my best I was worried about completely failing at life.

Lately I've been afraid that I'm not living up to my potential; that I was wilting away at a desk at my old job and that I am depriving myself of people and experiences by being the hermit that I am. So I've left my job in favour of freelance writing endeavors and working on my shop on a semi-full-time basis. This decision, as expected, has brought up my second fear: not living up to responsibilities. I have rent to pay, my sister depends on me and I need to invest in a new phone and computer if I am to make a successful attempt at this freelancing thing. Will I be able to make a better success of my business now that I'll have more time for it?

I believe in all my dreams they just don't seem to believe in me. Take the shop for instance, I've been trying to get it going since early in 2012 but I am yet to make concrete sales. Sometimes I feel so frustrated that I consider quitting, which is not an option. Obviously. So I keep working at it some more, working at finding clients for my freelance writing services. It's all that I can do because even though I'm afraid of failing or not living up to my responsibilities I'm more afraid of not trying. Of not making a move. Of wilting away.

I'm also afraid of dying alone. But that's a story for another post.

I hope your Sunday is going well.

4 May 2013

I Defy Every Label | Photo Diary

 photo 100_3202.jpg  photo 100_3220.jpg  photo 100_3216.jpg  photo 100_3240.jpg  photo 100_3237.jpg  photo 100_3244.jpg  photo 100_3241.jpg  photo 100_3248.jpg  photo 100_3254.jpg  photo 100_3255.jpg  photo 100_3259.jpg

This week has been one of those definitive ones about which poets and people who have the gift of words wax lyrical. I resigned from my first job. A great deal of me is ready for life's other, newer creative challenges and working more on my shop but the other sensible addicted to worrying part of me is sitting in all the corners of my mind rocking back and forth in anticipation of all that's going to go wrong.
I feel good, for the most part. I'm hopeful and ready to dive feet-first in to new work-related challenges.

These photos are from the last week. I've finally taken those braids out (they were horrible) but the also photos I have of baby 'fro are on the crapberry...

1. That's my soon-to-be old/former office// 2. Mphiwe's new hair. She used a brown extension pack (for the most part) and they're pretty long// 3. Mphiwe before bed, her hair all wrapped up// 4. Hot wings for the pain// 5. Custard and blog-reading on Workers' Day// 6. Bought myself two new book. I have a number of displaced books in my little place. Mostly unread -- I'm hoping to remedy that soon// 7. I bought myself a big-ass shopper. It might be my first nealy 'grown up" handbag.// 8. Yup! That Mandela granddaughter is bitchfacing in that family portrait is inside Soweto: portraits of a city. She's my hero.// 9. I got myself new supplies, these are wax  crayons// 10. New sharpened HB pencils// 11. My current journal with its sassy cat mascot.

That's about it.

2 May 2013

It's HERE!!! | Q.U.E.E.N.

This song was featured as my first ever Monday tune on my new feature, Monday Music. The video is here and it looks glorious. I have been dancing and covered in gooseflesh as a result of anticipating and then experiencing this greatness. LOVE it!
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