20 February 2013

Wednesday Favourites| V-Day With GabiFresh.

As we all know, last week Thuesday was Valentine's Day and I didn't say a word. Dunno. Then on Monday I saw this lovely shoot Gabi (who blogs over at GABIFRESH) did for Valentine's day and it's one of my favourite things on the internet right now! It's beautiful and I enjoyed the blurb she wrote about the shoot and wanting to portray the sexiness, sensuality and beauty that women feel when they're all by themselves: doing your nails, reading your book/magazine or listening to music. Much of Gabi's blogging is about self (and body) acceptance (she was the brain behind last American summer's Fatkini) and I like it. It's pretty cool for me as someone who's not really at that "I feel sensual enough to take photographs in my intimates" stage to see someone like her who is one with her body. 

Seriously, click on the link and read what she had to say about the shoot... Go, go go!

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 photo Gabi2.jpg

18 February 2013

The Dream.

 photo stratafbheader.png
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 photo 100_3047.jpg
 photo 100_3131.jpg
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I don't know if you guys know but I have a little (online) thrift store called Stratafords. It basically started from my inability to say no to pretty things, even when they wont fit me. So one October (2011) I bought skirts and blouses and stuff... It's been very slow, I haven't made that many sales but I enjoy it. The buying, the photo-taking and the shop up-keep in general. 

It became clear at the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 that it's something at which I want to work harder and make a it a success. These images were taken yesterday (Sunday) of the latest stock and I thought I'd share some of the goals I have for the shop. You sharing with your friends and family (if you're in Johannesburg and South Africa) would make me happy.

2013 Goals For Stratafords:

1. Sell all current stock.
2. Grown the social media and interaction (I'm embarrassed to share the exact numbers, lol)
3. Build relationships with any and all customers.
4. Get word-of-mouth going (maybe local newspaper PR)
5. Seeking out good and varied stock.
6. Put up/share a stall at a market or fare by November. 

Good night. 

14 February 2013

This is Nandi Nosering.

I've been holding out on you. According to the before and after pictures in my crackberry I did this on the 6th on February. That was last week Wednesday... I cannot believe it. It feels longer! I don't likethis stud much. I've had this "Nandi Nosering" alias in my head for the longest time and it's going to be me until I think of a better one. :D I'm also looking forward to shopping for new noserings and all that prettiness. This is my pink shirt. 

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 photo nosering2.jpg

13 February 2013

Person(s) of Interest: LiiqeRiish.

 photo lora.jpg

I honestly cannot tell you when I first discovered these young women but I distinctly remember being impressed and proud by proxy ('92 babies!) I've written and re-written this introduction in my head a million times but after I read their response to my questions (they are worth the read!) I figured they didn't need much introducing. So I'll tell you the basics: Lorraine (Liiqe) and Randy (Riish) are young women in their early 20s from Gaborone, Botswana. They are young, insightful, bloggers, stylists, aesthetic curators and consumers who have brilliant dreams for this here Africa.  The words they use most to describe their collaboration and dare I say brand are:

 photo liiqeriishmotto.jpg

You can find their blog here, their tumblr here and their twitter here.

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 photo liiqeriish1.jpg

Q & A and more photographs after the jump.

Oh, Solo...

So Last night I'm on Twitter (follow me @NomsZA) being all moody and over thinking life and listening to the aches of my body when Solange tweeted this image. I got all giddy, promptly emailed it to myself and made it my phone's wallpaper and BBM display image. This cover is perfection! It's quietly brilliant -- just like its subject.  If you get Fader magazine in your town please post me a copy! Pleeease. Also, I have my first blogger interview coming up later. Can you tell my excitement levels right now?

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7 February 2013

Skin. Care.

I think I'm the beauty industry's worst nightmare. I will not buy any beauty/skincare  products based on advertising because most campaigns don't use women with my skin colour or tone or skin problems. You might remember me going on about how my skin was a bit shit lately (read since late puberty, which struck at 18.) So with this in mind it's no surprise that when Sade over at In My Sunday Best posted a beauty update that featured these two Neutrogena products and her satisfaction with their cleaning, blackhead elimination and pore minimising capabilities I went out and snapped them up! Today was only day two and let me just say that so far so good! The grapefruit wash is to die for! It smells so amazing that I feel the smell is going to waste because I don't have a boyfriend to sniff my face at regular intervals.
I bought the Rooibos moisturiser for my sister to pair up with her Rooibos scrub/wash/mask. This product has also taken well to her sensitive skin. So all in all the Cele sisters are a happy bunch.

Speaking of self-care... Follow me on Pinterest.

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5 February 2013


I rarely take my lunch break. I usually eat at my desk while working unless I have to go to the bank. Today I had to pick up some face stuff (post coming soon) and so during my break I went down to Hyde Park Corner -- beautiful mecca of the "buy" culture filled with great restaurants and people at all hours of the day. After I finished at Clicks I walked past this island (I've passed it a lot of times yet I still don't know what the restaurant it belongs to is called) and I saw red velvet cake! I'd been craving it since before 2012 ended and this was my only chance. At 43 ZAR-ish a pop, I can tell this cake is not going to be a habit. It was moist and delicious but as usual the icing was a bit too sweet for me. The people who work at the place are friendly and nice, if it wasn't this expensive I could see the place being my cake + coffee haunt.

How has your Tuesday been?

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4 February 2013

Rain Boots.

Two things happened this morning: I randomly acknowledged and appreciated my newest pumps for having a nice pattern. They are my second pair EVER (the first was black, had a sued feel and sequins and was bought by my mother nearly five years ago.) This second pair I  bought in november last last year at Jet on a whim. I find that whims yield my best fashion/clothes decisions... The shoes quickly became my go-to pair when work started up again this year.  So I though I probably don't even have a nice photo of them that wasn't on my phone therefore bad quality. I also thought (on my first taxi to work) about how expensive learning to drive and getting licenced will be.

The when it came time for me to leave the factory the sky was grey and the sun that was torturing me just a meer two hours before was gone. I was glad I'd brought and kept my umbrella at the office last week as my (nearly) 30 minute wait for a taxi began. Really lovely drivers splashed me with water causing me to move down further on the side of the road. A man came and asked if he could stand under my umbrella (guess the artist) and in less than 5 minutes his taxi came.  A minute later one going on my route also came.

I suspect my dear pump friends will never be the same again. Too much water damage.

 photo IMG-20130107-01377.jpg
My dears in drier times...
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