25 November 2013

Music Monday | Bae

Happy Music Monday!

It's been a while since I typed up one of these. It's a quick post featuring my bae Phillip Phillips. He is everything on this song. When I was watching him on season 11 of American Idol I just fell in love with his voice and his artistry -- it's weird that his win was stripped down to just the girl vote. And if girls like and vote for him it means he isn't all that good because what do girls know? About anything?

I hope you enjoy this saudade-inducing rendition and that you look up his cover of Usher's U got it bad. How gorgeous is the woman singing with him?!

I hope you have a great Monday further.

22 November 2013

Inspire Me | Feelings.

I am an excitable person who only understands life lyrically, musically, in whom feelings are much stronger as reason. I am so thirsty for the marvelous that only the marvelous has power over me. Anything I can not transform into something marvelous, I let go. Reality doesn't impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.” Ana├»s Nin

Nykhor Paul in Nykhor in Bloom for The Lab Magazine #7 June 2013, photographed by Kasia Bielska
Animated Black Girls 2013


PS: Tumblr is a nightmare.

20 November 2013

Ad World | I See my name in lights I see my Name in The Stars

My first such post (you know, about the South African advertising landscape) was meant to be on the industry's fascination with dancing natives and such stereotypes. But because I'm lazy -- as we all know -- I've put that off so long I've forgotten what I wanted to say. This then brings us to today’s post.

When I first saw the Halls TVC with the fast-talking, streetwise, rap-genius-from-the-future known to all of Southern Africa as "Kimmie Kool" I was in love. I laughed and nodded. Then I wondered if maybe some members of the coloured community may be offended by the spot. That maybe there was something in there that was a dirty, disgusting stereotype. Before you go rolling your eyes at me calling me "sensitive" know that I'm not. I've just come to expect the ad industry to fuck us over at every turn. We all know that the ad industry in this country is obsessed with "ooh, let's poke fun at ourselves and have a good laugh." That, along with sports and Mandoza's Nkalakatha, are what pass as a "nation building" plan. Meanwhile everybody and their mama know what would help us relate better to each other *cough* economic equality *cough* but I'm sleep. Each time an ad that’s meant to “bring us all together through humour” is produced it’s just an exercise in racial and cultural stereotyping.

Where was I? Yes, Kimmie Kool... The ad is nuanced in that in rings so true. Most of us know people working bill-paying jobs while waiting for their big break to come. If you don't then it's you. It's the struggles of today’s youth in [60 seconds.] I wouldn't be surprised if some companies have codes of conducts denoting that no shinny jewellery or any "I'll be a star one day" items are allowed in employees' cubicles or desks.

I relate to Kimmie Kool because even though I was painfully shy and lacked a "nice" accent I often practiced my YoTV link should the opportunity one day arise. I practiced my "sharrout" for the day cameras came to my school or if I was able to convince my mother to let me call in to the live shows. Kimmie Kool is not only a universal symbol for our reality show-obsessed generation. Let’s face it; most of us want recognition as being the best in our game. She’s a dynamic character with a dream. "I see my name in lights, I see myself in the stars," she croons. That’s more than I could put into a cover letter right now. I’ve lost my words.

Great job, Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town.

I'm still bitter that no one thought to tell me that there's an extended version of the spot on youtube.


16 November 2013

Out and About | Sanlam FWD Fair 2013

So the other day -- the other day being a little over a week ago -- I won some schweet tickets to an event that's just as schweet. I thought it was just my luck when during my morning taxi ride to my new part-time job (I'm currently temping as an assistant for a lovely company) I came upon a giveaway on Milisuthando Bongela's blog. The prize was a pair of tickets to the Sanlam #FWD fair. I obviously won, which is why I'm writing this thing.

It being the beginning of summer and Jo'burg having little breeze - it's a given that I sweated my way through the first 30 minutes at the ting. Bless every stall that had fans in front of which I could stick my face. All in all I think it was an incredibly well-put together shindig. In another life I could have made a day of it and hung out there the whole day. These are the sort of this to which you take your people, bruh.

I honestly do not consider myself a delicate person or the sort of woman/person with who artists would design delicate things in mind but this stall was one of my top three favourites. It belongs to a company called dear rae jewellery and the women who were holding the fort wore weeds + thorn-like crowns. I want one.

I almost ran toward this stall with glee etched on my sweaty face. They sold a lot of Zulu accessories and decor stuffs but the main reason I ran there [in my heart] was because of the shoes pictured above. Izingxabulela. I've wanted a pair from the time I was 11 or 12 years old but when the woman at the stall told me they were selling them for ZAR 300 I cackled [in my head] and walked away.

I enjoyed a lot of the decor and visual arts stalls. I wanted everything there. Made me wish that I was still writing for a decor blog as a part of my 9 - 5. The decor inspiration also made me wish that I had the bigger place I desire already.


I hug around this particular stall a long time looking at all the photographs. I love this idea to bits! But I'm thrifty so no, I won't be buying any of the expensive frames but I'd totally DIY this rustic look. How beautiful does Frida Kahlo look? Yaasss.

maria mccloy, african barber signs, barbershop signs,

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It was great being in Maria McCloy's stall in the the flesh. She's one of Johannesburg's street culture pioneers and a great inspiration in general. Maybe one day I'll be able to buy one of her creations. 

My less than impressive paella. Neighbourgoods people need to stop hyping things up or taking delicious-looking photos of food.
The woman from Newstead Wines fetching my prize.
I didn't try any of the food samples [aside from the brownie crumb thingie from Counter Love] because sticking my not very clean hands in a container of samples other people have previously put their not very clean hands isn't my varb. I did however buy a paella and brownies from Counter Love after Heather Clancy's recommendation and my sampling. I ate my paella in the back parking area because there was absolutely no sitting space inside the fair marque. I guess this was a blessing because while eating on my feet [sorry mama] I noticed some bubble wrap and boxes. I took the pieces of the bubble wrap and secured my wines - the second part of my prize - and managed to get it back to where I stay without breaking one bottle. Yay!
For when I'm a rich, reclusive, lazy writer/creative and occasional alcoholic.  

Thanks again, Milli!


8 November 2013

How You Doin'?

Hey guys! I'm glad to see that some of you are still around -- yay! I'm now back on the interwebz, which means I actually have some money to buy a few gigs of data every now and then. Expect some posts I've had in drafts as far back as two months and maybe a tutorial on how I blog while poor - that's about every single post. I'm always on Twitter but lately its been less than usual. Dunno, man. I guess I'm trying to carve more authentic interactions and some sense of community. A sense of community that's missing from my timeline -- always an outsider looking in, lol-ing and #tagging nervously.

While I was on my forced internet hiatus I did a bit of brainstorming, which I'll soon use as a template to change things up on this here space.

I hope you're all well and that you're well-fed, dry and loved.

Yeah, that's a picture of my mug, uyaphakama?

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