Hey you lot! I know it's been a while since I've done a Monday Music post but here I am -- making dubious artwork and letting you in on my favourite tunes lately. I hope you enjoy this post and that your Monday is far from blue.
pilot jones

I heard this song from Ocean's first studio album (Channel Orange) for the first time last night. AND I'm hooked! I even changed my twitter bio after the third listen. Ahahaha. It's definitely not new music but it's new to me. I guess I have to take a closer listen to Channel Orange one of these days.

Power Trip

I've had this song on repeat for a few weeks now. As I tweeted a while back the most potent part of the offering for me is the husky, breaking quality of Cole's voice. Swoon swoon.


It's hard to believe that there's Lana Del Rey Music I heard for the first time last night, especially since I even bought myself the Paradise edition of Born to Die as a birthday prezzie. Of course I haven't played that CD (I don't have a CD player/radio.) This song is so cheeky and I love it. ahahah. I hope the "artwork" makes sense after listening to the song.

Happy Music Monday!