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This past weekend was just an emotional whirlwind for me. Sometimes I forget just how too deeply I feel things. You know that bitter sweet feeling that comes from going through a photo album filled with photos of people you knew once, people who couldn't stay, photos of a girl who looks strangely like you but isn't really? A girl who had this 100 watt smile and dreams? That. I did that this pat week. It wasn't a physical album but conversations of a man who walked away with my heart in a bag. He took me in a black plastic bag and didn't dare look back. In true Nomali form, I tried to erase a lot of the good stuff. Forgot. Then wondered why I felt such a gaping hole from his walking away. Was I insane for feeling for him so strongly at times? Had I imagined a lot of it? Going through these conversation again made me realise it'd actually happened, which made me wonder what went wrong -- aside from my infuriating moodiness, of course. I even wrote him an honest letter (I don't have an address) more honest than the million thoughts and words I've written to "Nathan." Called him by his name and everything.

This is the song he told me to listen to one day. Habibi, you are all my saudades.

Happy Musing Music Monday, thank you for tuning in.
Tell the one you love that you love them. Don't put it off. If you still can, fight for them. Reclaim that girl in those photos.