29 April 2013

Welcome To a New Feature | Music Mondays

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I love music! I enjoy generically stumbling on to an incredible artist or discovering a song long after its time in the sun (and airwaves.) I have daydreamed a hundred times about the day somebody would phone or write late at night to say "I heard this song and it made me think of you." Like that's the highest for of "I see you!" I can ever imagine.

This new feature is going to be a mess of my favourite songs/artisst, what's I've just discovered or am currently loving. It may be a rant or two and sometimes it'll feature my top loves (Amy, Adele and Lana) and that's OK.

To start us off I'd Like to share a song I've spent my weekend grooving to, a song by two very popular women whom I really don't know. Q.U.E.E.N by Janelle Monae featuring Erykah Badu. This song is a JAM! To me it feels like the late '90s. Like backyard parties, which feature good company, good food and a great soundtrack.
 photo janelle-monae-badu-queen.jpg
I don't know much about either woman: I know Monae's signature tux and hairdo and I enjoy Badu in theory. I've heard both Window Seat and Tyrone numerous times. I've used the phrase "mama Badu didn't walk down a street in the nude for x," I have memorised her spoken word piece from Def Poetry and I love all the men she's loved. But I can't claim to be well-verse in her music. This, of course, is something I'm hoping to remedy one day.
I hope this song gives you as much life as it has been giving me and that it's the first of many Monday boosts you'll be getting from this here blog.

Happy Monday!

"Oh, no the booty don't lie..."

21 April 2013

Wearing my Leather Jacket Three Ways| Clothes

Last year I bought this jacket from Durban-based thrifters Kotini-Kotini, #SupportThrift! I only wore it once on a day far too warm for it. The looming Johannesburg winter has had me thinking of it again. I created these following looks for the coming cold months -- with the jacket as the foundation piece.
 photo DSCF0591.jpg  photo DSCF0611.jpg 

Look #1
This one'll feature my Mr Price paisley print maxi skirt, a simple black vest (not pictured), my beanie and black canvas tekkies (omacele)
 photo DSCF0592-1.jpg

Look #2
This look is based on wishes and dreams. I'm hoping that I will have found a perfect pair of tights to pair with this skirt and that there'll be enough sun to wear the sunglasses. I'll also add my thrifted red vest. I'll probably to add a headscarf or beanie and I'll wear my Feiyue sneaks with it.
 photo DSCF0599.jpg  photo DSCF0602.jpg  photo DSCF0604.jpg 

Look #3
I first pictured this look with leggings (I know!) but sometimes when I'm wearing a top that goes below my butt they fit perfectly. I changed my mind to these "jegging" like pants from Mr Price, a light Mr Price baggy knit and a scarf. Again with the sunglasses like I don't know that the sun is scarce in winter... I'll wear my ugly but adorable workman boots with one.

 photo DSCF0605.jpg  photo DSCF0608.jpg  photo DSCF0607.jpg

I'm really liking ELLE magazine South Africa's May issue. It's filled with great pieces and photo shoots (and parkas!)

Last but definitely not least I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to read and share words of encouragement on my last rant. All your words are highly appreciated. Sometimes it's far to easy to feel alone, misunderstood or like I'm the only person whose life doesn't look like the posters and journal entry wishes from when I was 13. Thank you again.


15 April 2013

On Disappointing Myself.

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Me. C. 2012
We're in the middle of April and I haven't done much toward my 21 for 21 list. I was looking at my latest student loan statement and I realised that I'm nowhere near being fished paying it off. Sure I've payed at the pace I agreed to do so with the bank but maybe it's time to stop being frivolous and just pay it of in bigger chunks. I need to be more disciplined and stricter with myself. Another listed item I'm failing dismally at is the cooking more and healthier bit. Yesterday I cooked my first meal in weeks -- and I wonder why I'm always broke and just getting fatter. The goal was to get fitter, I went off and bought a pair of walking shoes as "encouragement" but they're just sitting there. I went for a walk one last week, which I suppose is better than nothing but I don't think it's good enough. This week is not looking much better either but I have to hope and try my best. I REALLY want to get both my Learner's and Drivers licence this year -- the drivers is quite expensive (I think) because of all the lessons so I can't afford to fail it. I have to have my head screwed on right when I do both.

As much as I want to do more (see the city, go on an adventure) those are all things I can't afford. And as much as I want and NEED (for my sanity) a bigger place I also can't afford that either so I guess I can give myself a pass on these and not beat myself up so much for my inability to not fulfill them.

Another source of stress and disappointment has been my shop. 2013 is supposed to be the year that the dream I conceived in 2011 takes off. The year that I get it out there, make sales and stock some more merchandise.

Maybe I'm jut being too hard on myself or expecting too much too soon, expecting results without putting in work. I don't know.


14 April 2013

On Billboards.

Puma Creative Factory (last month)

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Galavanting in the City with Anele C.2012
 photo 100_0922.jpg
Back to The City C.2012
 photo 100_0809.jpg  photo 100_0775.jpg  photo 100_0724.jpg

I do a lot of self-examination and reflection. When you're about all the company you have there's guaranteed to be that fraction of your personality that is self-aware (and speaks out loud to itself) and some might call it self-absorbed. These few days I've found myself thinking about the posts I have had in the past -- posts that mention brands.

I have never been invited to an event, asked to a review or partner in a giveaway. I'm a relatively new, schizo blogger and I do not play well with others, which is why I'm not sad that I haven't asked by any PRs to do ridiculous stuff for the brands they represent. For this I am glad but I regret that I haven't gotten the chance to cackle in their faces at the requests. Anyway.  I'm also part on an LSM no brand really cares about, I'm not cool either so the call from the PRs is, in all likelihood, never going to come.

 I found myself questioning why I did the "so I won a ticket from this cool blogger to go to this brand's event" posts. In all honesty it's not even about the brands. So far the events  have been about me getting a glimpse at my city, the people I'll probably never cross paths with in my daily life. They've been about taking my camera out on the town. They've been about people-watching -- as have been my tweets from these places. And what better place to share these experiences than the place where I document my life + experiences?

I think I just had to remind myself this. That I'm not auditioning to be anything other than the girl who can say with unflinching honesty how an event was because she's not worried that a certain PR will stop giving her tickets to things. For example, I won tickets a week or so ago to go see the film The Host. I ended up not going because I heard that the film was terrible and my going there would actually cost me a lot (in transport money.) So it actually wasn't going to be worth it or much of a freebie. I needed to remind myself that my posts and documenting these places wasn't an audition to join the inner-circle of Jo'burg or South African bloggers who are always at every event, even if it has nothing to do with their blogging or online "brand." I just had to check myself.


10 April 2013

Longing For Sweatshirts & Hoodies

sweat it part 2

sweat it part 1

I haven't been thrifting this year. AT. ALL. I have also made a pact with myself to not buy anything from retailers unless it's a really great deal (like that coat I bought on sale) or shoes because I don't have enough shoes, Obvs. Lately I've had an itch to got thrifting and the only thing on my shopping list (aside from a sweet parka) are '90s/old school (sports, faux brands, FUBU, Adidas, street brands etc) and animal motif sweatshirts and hoodies. Of course I'm still in search of the perfect Cosby sweater -- ALWAYS.
 photo amaxhosa.jpg

One day when I get my cash monies right I'll definitely be saving for a Maxhosa by Laduma knit jersey, which I have wanted since the first time I saw a photo of the line. Isn't it just gorgeous? And maybe something KENZO, who knows?

What fashion item is on your mind?

Love from Jo'burg,

8 April 2013


simple hydratig moisturiser review, south african beauty blogger,

I did a "skincare" post a while back and in it I showcased my new skincare products the Nutrogena grapefruit face wash and toner. I went on a mini rant about how I'd never had a moisturiser that worked for me without leaving my skin sweaty and greasy. Ding dong the grease b with an itch is dead! I quite enjoy the Simple moisturiser (natural ingredients!) Though it's a tad on the expensive side of life I can't wait to try a few of their other other products.

Happy Monday!


6 April 2013

The Happy List With Jamara Brown

I was so glad when the lovely Jamara over at Mind Mash agreed to be my second blogger interviewee. She's one of of my favourite bloggers, she's arty, creative and has a nice shoe game -- seriously, whenever she posts an outfit post I want the shoes she's wearing. Check out her blog | tumblr | facebook page.

 photo buck13bf.jpg

1.  Happy sounds: What song makes you happy faster than all songs? 

 "Violet Stars Happy Hunting" by Janelle Monae. It's impossible not to dance to that song!

2.  Happiest memory?  

The day I traveled to Upstate New York with my family.
3. Favourite happy ending in a film?

It would have to be the ending of Howl's Moving Castle. That whole movie is so lovely :3

4. What food makes your taste buds happy?

 Black Cherry Ice Cream. It's like crack...

5. Happy feet? (Can you dance/favourite shoe) 

Sadly, I'm not really a good dancer, but that doesn't stop me! / My favorite shoes are my flatform oxfords, they're so comfy.

6.  Happiness is...

a state of mind. You create your own reality.

7.  Are you working on any personal happiness projects?

Yes, I've been trying to become more optimistic and less judgmental. It's a process.

2 April 2013

So I don't have a March vibezzzz post

but I got braids put in and took self-portraits -- colloquially known as selfies... There's that.
   photo Photo80.jpg  photo Photo82.jpg  photo Photo85.jpg  photo Photo86.jpg

The las shot makes me fee like a trill kween. Sort of.


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