31 October 2012

DIY: Floral Crown

Hey you!
No, you're not lost. Your Google reader has not taken you through to a fancy crafts and DIY blog, it's still little ole the Weavefreezone and I'm still Nomali. I've been meaning to make a flower crown for a while now and I had an 'aha" moment when I was reading through The Lion Kingdom when I saw this post Jacque did a while ago. It was like seeing it for the first time. I got the plastic flowers and headband at PEP. As you may know, my friend, Lana, is the queen of the flower crown. This is how I made my Lana Del Rey inspired flower crown

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30 October 2012

If it Makes You Happy

He probably has a stash like this one of his high school life, going through it will like I was there
In the midst of daydreaming about my soulmate in his current form (he always shape shifts.) In this daydream we spent a night dancing separately and sometimes together in crowd; went back to his place where he prepared his signature pasta dish. We then had a picnic on the kitchen floor that lasted about four hours comprised of drinking cheap wine from enamel mugs, I mostly spent the time staring at him (even in daydreams I'm a creep) and taking photographs with a disposable party camera he had lying around.

After washing the dishes he asked: "would you like to keep me company while I have my cigarette?" We spent the next two hours out on the balcony looking at Jo'burg and exchanging stories. Until it started to rain and we had to get back inside -- getting into bed at 4 AM.

The next morning it we had my version of french toast and his coffee for breakfast. -- he makes the best imaginary coffee -- on the floor closer to the glass doors where we could see the wet balcony. We had a lazy breakfast as we watched the rain fall fast and furious. At some point I said: "I know we've only recently met but I think I love you. It's just like those daydreams I've had from the time I was 13. I thought you'd like to know, you know?"

That's where that daydream ended. On a bloody cliffhanger!

A bit later after this, I asked myself a complicated question. I did this in order  to gauge what it would take for me to feel happy, like my life is on track. I asked, if I was living in my dream place, Brooklyn, doing one of my dream jobs, writing kickass adverts for Droga5, would I be happy? Would I stop feeling like my life is a post-teen waste land? All I could come up with was "maybe." Dreams have a way of falling short of expectations. 

I wondered again, if I met my soulmate today and he was just as I saw him in that daydream would I be happy? Would I be ready to feel as happy as I was when I was in that space? The answer to this one was "I hope so." I bloody well hope so.

Love from daydream land,

26 October 2012

Mr Price Online: An Obsession

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These* are just a few of my lust-list items from the Mr Price online store. I LIVE on that URL and everyday I consider getting a Mr Price money card, which would make it easy for me to buy all the R19.99 accessories and backpacks and things but I often second doubt.

There was actually a candy-stripe backpack I wanted but it's since been unlisted, I suppose it's sold out and this denim baby takes its place in my heart. The mesh shoes are from the men's department and the rest of the items (notwithstanding the looks) are all Insync Curve. Seriously, can't we get fatter looking body outlines on which to demonstrate clothes for fat people?

Have you been onto the online store? Are you as addicted to the R19.99 accessories as I am? Have actually bought anything?

Love from Jo'burg,

*Excuse the blurry images.

17 October 2012

I don't know how to sleep I gotta eat, I stay on my toes

Photobucket From the little mildly "intimate" chats, which consist mainly of my signature emoti :/ (I'm not confused, I pull my mouth that way) and pictures of mostly insignificant parts of my day. My personal favourite is the one of my shoes, at the foot of my bed or by the door to signify I've arrived where I live, that's the first thing I do when I get in.
I'm getting off track, I do that a lot.
There has been two constants: "you over-think things" and "you tend to be down on yourself." Look I have a self-deprecating humour that none of my acquaintances seem to get. Anyway.

I'm writing this to admit that I do over-think and get down. This year at my first and current job I was granted permanent employment. I was ecstatic! Not only did I absolutely enjoy my job (the main project I work on is my brainchild), I was keen on learning as much as I can and grow myself and my skills and become an assert. I also have a 15-year old, so a steady flow of income came as a relief.

In no time I began to feel like I wasn't doing a good job, that merely mooching off of my boss. I've frequently considered quitting and moving on. Not because I don't like working there, I love it! I love the potential the company has and all the radical things we can do. But I'm stuck.
When I conceptualised this project I imagined interactivity and a hub of communication. Conversation and all that lovely stuff. But it's gotten to a point where days pass and i don't have any new ideas for it. Weeks pass and I don't get excited by anything. I suppose it's the tiresome burden of working on a project nobody cares about. But I CARE! I know it can be so great.

Another factor in this is my employer. She's been so good to me, gave me a shot when I know most wouldn't have; I hate to disappoint her. Seriously, when I first started my job I got quite sick and all I could think was: poor lil' sis, she's going to be alone and poor boss lady, I'll have let her down.

I seriously don't know what to do to get my head right. I've considered that it's probably the way I live, but after a while of looking for a bigger place I haven't found anything. I sometimes think my inability to find a place is a blessing, especially when my employment and income are on such a wobbly keel. I love doing what I do, I just wish the circumstances and the environment got better.

Yes, I think too much.

- Jay Z - Hard Knock Life

15 October 2012

Solo x ELLE South Africa


Eat that, Marie Claire! No? Ok.

14 October 2012

What to do With the Rest of it: Bad Self-Portraits

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12 October 2012

Famous Friend Friday: Rihanna

So, funny thing you might have not known about me, I have a few but varied famous friends. People I enjoy and know for a fact that -- forget that we haven't met -- we'd get on like a house on fire. 
Rihanna is by far one of my favourite people in the world. She is raw and real. Young and very fabulous. I remember when I was 14 and Robyn first burst onto the scene, I knew then that the day I bought a car I'd play Pon de Replay as I drove down a long open road with the windows down. I was 14 years old. I may not agree with her decisions about Chris Brown but I still love her. I hear she's also a style icon. Ok, I know she is because when Rih touches something, girls around the world -- especially South Africa -- emulate her. Now for some images:

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