17 January 2012

Happy belated birthday to me!

On Friday it was my birthday, how awesome is it that it was finally on a Friday!? I t was the usual Nomali birthday, not much of the happy part, all by myself but I made it work. On Saturday I went out and bought myself some things. A pair of Converse sneaker [Super YAY!!!], my first fitted pants in years.

What do you think of my new photo editor? Is it any good? I think it's a vast improvement on Picassa. My lazy bones have me procrastinating my writing, again! I got these Rt shoes at a Durban Mr Price when I was visiting family in KZN, on red tag [thrift what!] I love them. Yes, I just blogged about clothes. I hope I get some writing (creative) done soon. I've been meaning to get this hair for the longest time.

Enjoy your day.

4 January 2012

I had a plan... Until the SABC went broke on me.

I was born to be under the bright spotlight (on a good day), were I living on the other side of the tracks I would probably have been medicated as a child. Back then, before the loner tendencies fully set in I sang for family and friends (often in tune) danced and told stories about a grandmother who wouldn't let her granddaughter have some of her scrambled eggs – I've always been an eater-food (eater-of-food.)
When I was 10 years old a couple of girlfriends and I put on a play in a dusty soccer field; we played a group of old women who didn't want to grow old – completely improvised, which I know marvel at.

Jam Alley
I was going to go onto Jam Alley – a variety game show, which was built on the premise of having people who could sing come on answer some popular music trivia questions and sing karaoke. By the time I was 10 years old a good singing voice or the ability to hold a note was no longer a prerequisite. See, I have a theory, when they lost V-Mash they figured since none of the presenters would ever reach her level of genius, likeability  and craziness the contestants had to make up for it and provide laughs.
 I hoped mine would be a two-guy episode, I dunno why. Picture it: a Nomali sandwich on national television! I would pick middle centre, then bottom right and end it off with top left on the giant mosaic grid screen.
I would sing Brenda or Kanye West or Avril Lavigne. I would bhimba at the top of my lungs and to me it wouldn't matter if I won the singing bit, but with my luck the judge would be some you-are-all-winners has-been who'd say there were two second placers. What I knew for sure though is the fact that I would win the questions round and thus have around R2, 500.00 to my name. With that money I would have bought heelies (the sneakers with small wheels) when I was still 11 years old, at 11 and a half years old I would have invested in a CD walkman and a lot of Avril Lavigne and P!nk and the entire Babysitters Club book series at 13-years old.

The powers that be at YoTV would have seen me on Jam Alley and thought “Hmm, not bad! She could be S’khathi’s assistant on YoTV Land.”

Okay seriously, I have had an audition script memorised for every YoTV presenter search. I practised where I would walk, the gestures and where I would stop. Then 13 hit and I saw YoTV for what is was in my day – a propaganda machine! I mean who caresd about heelies (see above for definition) anyway?

Continuity and keeping Tau dead
When I was 14 I decided that when I reached 18-years old (the year 2010) I was going to audition to be a continuity presenter for SABC 1 Mzansi Unsure.  And as people were still making peace with having me on their screens every other day I would pop up at Tsalanang (the worst fictional bar in the history of my television appreciating life.) Then one New Year’s Eve a gunman would walk into one of the show’s (Generations’) poorly orchestrated party scenes and open fire killing everyone except for Khaphela. And what should be on the credits but Written by Nomali/Minenhle Cele.  
I‘ve always had wonderful plans but have often failed in acting on them (or on occasion the public broadcaster went broke.)
So as my tweet went (yes, quoting yourself is a sickness): Dreamers are gone dream – I’m a proud dreamer now I needs me TISCH school type training so I can be an act-er.

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