31 December 2012

Come Duze 2013, My Loving!


"My mama raised a house raised a palace raised a sky raised a thunderstorm." - Safia Elhillo
This quote is mad-womanism personified. This is my favourite image of myself from this year, it was taken by Thandeka on her phone.

Stay safe and see write back in the new year:
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Duze: close (free isiZulu lesson)

My December Vibezzzz

(or lack thereof)

Photobucket 2012 has been an incredibly challenging year for me. It's been filled with a series of starts and stops and December was to be the pinnacle of it all. The 14th was meant to be my last day at work but due to party-crashing (documented here) I ended up going into the office on the 18th. That was one end, my job has been the biggest source of frustration and anxiety this year -- it's bee hard and I can't explain it. It could have been just mental warfare for which I was not prepared or maybe I'm lazy, I dunno! Another end was meant to be on Friday the 21st, on the 19th I wrote this to express my fears nstuff.

After it was clear that planet earth was still in fact spinning, I started feeling like this:


1. Born to Die - Lana Del Rey

2. All of The Lights - Kanye West and friends

3. Hometown Glory - Adele

Half-arsed measures were taken to get my piercings and none of them worked. This is the holiday season I missed my mother the most. For the laughs and food and laughs and lazying about. I also realised that maybe I should try to make friends and not be so afraid/skeptical/petrified of people and putting myself out there and singing kumbaya, ya know? I also realised that I made the right decision by not carting my sister halfway across the country to visit my aunt, I needed the time alone to think and not think. To sleep!

Mphiwe in her Christmas day ensemble, Mphiwe and I being odd, Mphiwe in the t shirt I butchered into a vest thing. She's an awesome kid.

That's her, sort of, with her new phone.
I also ate snacks that remind me of the Deathly Hallows

Photobucket Photobucket
I bought accessories, the ring is not really that colour...

Photobucket Photobucket

The sweetest thing ever! I received this in the post on the 28th from Priya over at Sunshine Over The Mountains! This is the post where she wrote all about how the post cards came about. She's the kindest! Thank you so much, Priya!

What a hot mess, huh?

20 December 2012

Oh, Petra...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

No words necessary. These are by the talented Petra Collins and were found on Rookie.

I love her work.

Nomali -- who is contemplating a blogging break.

13 December 2012

You Can't Fix Chris Brown

How I was listening to music when I was 14... I'm a late bloomer...

Starting in a couple of days (or is it tomorrow night?) Chris Brown will be playing in three South African cities.

I remember when Chris first came out with Run it. He was 16 and I was 13/14. I never understood (or like) Usher much but Chris' baby looks and voice made me want to give him a chance. Reluctantly, I meshed him in between my Nickelback, The Parlotones and P!nk angst (courtesy of Highveld Stereo's playlisting) with a side of Rihanna's Pon de Replay. By the time he then sang Take You Down I distanced myself from him. Wasn't sex meant to be authentic? Why did he have to pretend it was his first time? Isn't that how people who believe they are both virgins raw-dawg each other and someone unwittingly end up with gonorrhea or some shit? Seriously, insist on a condom -- first time on not. I didn't want him to pretend!

I think I'd forgotten all about the fact that I once liked him when he released No Air and then With You. They were sweet songs. I liked and sang along with them. But I wasn't the same girl who listened to Run it and decided to give him a chance.

I think I was listening to the 94.7 Top 40 one weekend when Mark Pilgrim said Chris Brown was at number four (sounds high enough) but that he wouldn't be playing his song because what he did to Rihanna was wrong and that he, as a radio DJ, did not endorse it. A lot of people gave him flack, asking what music had to do with with it all. That what Chris Brown and Rih did behind doors was Nobody's Business.

It's 2012, both parties seem to have built the proverbial bridge and gotten over it by featuring on songs together and keeping the public guessing whether or not they're getting back together. What concerns me is that Chris Brown has enough of a following to include a South African leg to his tour.

"It's just music! Nobody's getting hurt!"

Except they are. I think that legions of Chris Brown fans have that "what did SHE do to him? He wouldn't abuse me to an inch of my life because I would be different, I would be better!" Blaming the victim.

This tour of his is in the wake of 16 days of activism against women and child abuse. Clearly people are getting hurt. In a country where we have to have activism like this, then surely people like him shouldn't have that much pull.

During one of the awards shows in 2011 there were young women, who are Brown fans, who were on social networks declaring that they would let him choke and beat them. That he looked so good it simply had to be done. It deeply saddens me. Has he worked on himself -- his anger and troubling attitude toward women? Has he made a sincere effort to warn his fans (women, young girls and men) against his behaviour and people who are hurting as he seemed to be? Hurting so hard they hurt and nearly kill the ones who love them?

I'll go check myself now.

5 December 2012

Where The Red, White and Green Family Dweleth

The past Saturday was a peculiar one. For one I was up before 08h00, went on to wash most of the clothes I own and set out to willingly go into a mall. Curious indeed. After doing about a month's worth of laundry, by hand -- seriously I don't know why I'm not a nudist yet. I went to Carlton Centre, of of the tallest buildings in Africa --strangely enough I have never been to the top/viewing deck or whatever. I wonder if that's a done/allowed thing. If not I will go. :-) While at the mall I went to watch both Skyfall (Silva!!!) and Breaking Dawn (I like the not-quite-immortal-though-she'll-for-centuries baby better in the book. Most women who've droned on about the "awesomeness" of the films always cited Taylor Lautner getting topless as a highlight, not one person screamed when he did in that theatre. I'm grateful.

The Clauses have moved into the middle of the food-court. Strange. Very dazzling lights all the same. I like these lights.

carlton centre skating, carlton centre christmas, Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket cosby show sweater Photobucket Photobucket
Photo number six was taken just so you wouldn't forget who brings you this rad space. Ha. Then in photo seven I'm photo-creeping in my own photo. Like a bawse. The last one was taken on Monday, it's of the orchid that shares my desk, same orchid I'd feared dead by my depression. The blooming thing makes me so happy. Pun.

PS: I don't get this. Santa and white christmases and lights en ting isn't really a thing for me. Anyway.
PPS: Must go see Silva, I mean Bond, again.


2 December 2012

Sunday Updates

Photobucket I'm writing this weblog post from a wet and grey Johannesburg. I would to have steamed bread and curry going and maybe watch Mean Girls again when I'm done with this but no such luck. A week or so ago I shared that I would be going to my town of birth, KZN, for the festive season break to spend time with my aunt but those plans have been cancelled. The thing with my paycheque-to-paycheque life is that I don't have money to book nice accommodations AKA I have to bunk with relatives that will have me. A packed house is not on my agenda, which is why I ended up deciding against this KZN excursion.

My mind and body have seriously checked out of this year both are done and aren't helping me when it comes to finishing the work commitments I have left. Just my luck! Speaking of my job, I have a meeting with my boss, which I view as highly unnecessary but what can I do? *Shrugs*

With my job and income being what it is, a new and bigger place is completely out of the question, I have made peace with that. This confinement I call home is really not that good for my mental and creative states but I have to do what need doing. I'm hopeful though -- even with most of me screaming this is all we know how to do! If you lose this job what will we do for money?! Whine!

I'm also moving all my media from the blackberry that I use to my computer because this is a company blackberry.

Happy Sunday to you! What's news in your life?
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