22 May 2012

I Have a Lense in my Hands

Told you you didn't want to see these, but I heard a little dare... So here's a mini-photo diary:

Dreaming in ink

The Braided zone

My shabby screen

My socks and a Christmas gift I carry around with me

Harry Potter Lovin'

Head gear and my socks from yet another angle.

Lunch and my latest acquisition.

That day I saw two ravens fight and proceeded to look like a boss.

Love from Jo'burg,

No Please Stay Here we Don't Need no Money we can MAke it all Work

{Note} This is another one of those wordy posts. Photobucket

I know this giant shot of my head might scare creep you out but I don't really have that many self-portrait-y moments going for me, aside from my phone and trust me when I say you don't want to see those.

I've spent yesterday and today listening to Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey and it has brought up some feelings -- as most songs tend to do with me. That's how I live my life: song lyrics, movies, scenarios and the voices in my head.

Blue jeans brought about the realisation acknowledgement that I'm one of those ride or die people. I tend to be in it for the long haul because, well sometimes telling your story to every Kwame, Joe and Thabo gets tiring after a while, I suppose this is why I mostly keep my stories to myself but I'm a ride or die for the most part because I put a lot of effort into relations and people.

Yes, I have spent a few hours of my life wondering why I don't have an actual, tangible best friend, why I haven't lived and experienced my first great love story. I'm a great person! Then things like societal standards -- which don't exist in my world -- creep up. Some (the people who live inside my phone) have often  gone as far as to say "People like confident people. Self-esteem is very attractive"


The thing it that I'm not confused about who I am, nor do I not feel confident in myself, hell I'm good peoples. My only problem is that everybody is so caught up on the mainstream that I feel like Fergie on Boom Boom Pow, I'm so 3008. Plus I'm quite shy, very much so, this is why meeting my future best friend first love story through things like tumblr appeals to me. Over a 1,000 posts of my story. I will admit that I tend to deal with this issues of lack of people in my life and the general idea of societal appeal and shit when I'm curled up pondering life with some Baby Soft in my hand. Not today.

I do carry every single person I have loved with me, I just carry those that hurt me or didn't love me back heavier and more broadly. So when Miss Rey sings "I will love you 'til the end of time" I know exactly what she means.

{This is post 90, but were it not for Eskom taking my electricity last night I would have posted the giveaway last night. I know!}

Stay strange, stay weird, stay beautiful. Never change. Change your mind, change your screen name, change your hair colour but never change who you are.

Love from Jo'burg,

20 May 2012

Let's Dance in Style, Let's Dance for a While

Yesterday: Johannesburg, South Africa

Photobucket Photobucket

So yesterday I finally got to see Otelo Burning, the first movie to make me physically flinch in a long time. Post coming soon. I snapped these in the afternoon after the movie while walking around the CBD.

Today: Diepkloof, Soweto

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
After weeks of her pestering and I ducking, I finally let my kid sister play with my braids, which by the way need to come out. That bun was bloody heavy, I felt like I could keel over. She even styled the photos, in the manner of her shades... I swear Ipromise that one day I'll dress up to take photos. No I won'tPhotobucket

Photos of me taken by this little lady Copyright Mphiwe Cele 2012... LOL

12 May 2012

I'm a '90s Baybee

Subscribe to these girls, check out a few of their videos. They are good and so talented, I love them personally.

Love from Jo'burg,

3 May 2012

When I grow up I'm gonna be 8 feet tall so I can Touch the sky: Shit Kids say

This starts off light but gets serious fast. It is heartbreaking but beautifully done. It had me on the brink of tears. In a perfect world, of course, this wouldn't be even necessary.

I want to hug all these kiddies.

Love from Jo'burg,
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