30 March 2012

A Blues for Noms

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I asked you to stay several times in my heart,
I could never say it outright because I knew you would leave.
Which I  would perceive as you saying I am not worthy.
I said "I don't know what I'd do if you left again, I know I will
survive but I'll never be the same."
Still, you left.
I know that you know that I'm still waiting for our next meet-cute.
Yesterday I saw your beautiful smile on the clouds, it was looking
away from me.
Your heart weighs heavy on mine.
Two are way too many tainted hearts for me to carry.


20 March 2012

Documentaries I need to watch

Hi there!

Miss Representation by Jennifer Siebel Newsom. I want to watch this because I think it will address all the issues I have with media and especially the Barbie syndrome.

Waiting for Superman by Davis Geggenheim.
This film is really close to my heart because our school system is currently falling apart, I shudder to think that what I know is probably a 10th grade education even though I finished high school and attained a college diploma. Education is important to me (and very expensive), but it will always be where the most change is made.

Children are cruel, and now in the day of online presence it is easier for them to be even more damaging to each other. I had struggles in school, I was never really in, I was fat, tall and odd (still am) plus I don't play well with others and that didn't make me any friends. It's troubling that we're teasing each other to the grave. I really hope that the initiative attached to this film changes things, even in small ways.

All these films are North American, if you know of any good African films that I should check out please send me details. What documentary have you watched that changed something in you?

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Love from Jo'burg,

17 March 2012

New York I love you but you bring me down

If I had a circle of friends (or just one friend) I'd be known as the person without much regard for taxi money. What this means is that though I try to keep a budget and well laid out taxi fare expenditure I'm that girl who'll use what I perceive to be excess money in the taxi budget to buy whatever catches my eye. No! I'm not a shopaholic.  I just trim fat, R20.00 here, R50.00 next week. Here's what I've recently acquire with my dirty money;

Nope, I couldn't afford the blue of that sky.

If you're still feeling a bit bored, check out my Agy Deyn worship here.

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Love from Jo'burg,

9 March 2012

Current favourite song: You and I

I love it when she sits down at her piano. I've never been to Nebraska but this doesn't stop me picturing my cool Nebraska guy.

Love from Jo'burg,

6 March 2012


He can touch me with a look
as thoughtless as afternoon
and think as much of hindering me
as he would of sailing away.

In November, when the storms come
he drums his fingers on his books and
turns them into a fist that crashes. On
the shore where he insists we walk, he
holds me like a man at a deck-rail in gale.
I suspect his eyes are open, red and
and gazing over my head in the direction of

I am left to tell him in a voice that seems as
casual as his talk of travel: I think as much of
leaving as of forcing him to stay.

Words: Kathleen Jamie
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Love from Jo'burg,
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