25 February 2012

Tunnels and Stairs


"When I was young, in my mind my father was a 10 foot giant. I then grew up and realised he was just a man. The man who was reduced to human size, no longer fraternising with Gods told me a story about a train station and a beautiful woman. She sat at the same exact spot every time he saw her, she looked like she's been somewhere special and had stories to tell. She was beautiful. His greatest regret was that he never got to hear the beginning of her story."

*I have had a "captioned" series running on my tumblr. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's weird.

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15 February 2012

Let's get married!!

The “Let’s Get Married” feelings are a common thing. They can happen to anyone at any time, no one is immune to them. They are also rarely about physical attraction or even sexual preference. In all my 20-years of life, especially the last few years when I became active on the social networks I have found that these feelings mostly surface in two situations:
1.    You like it too?!

This is when you meet someone who likes that quirky (and borderline crazy thing you like) this person is proof that you’re not insane. They are the “screw you I’m not weird!” To your high school class, and depending on how strongly you feel about the thing, you might even write a long and strongly-worded letter to everyone who believed you to be insane and introduce them to the other person. You are not required to be attracted to the person; you want to marry them for their ideals. Heck yeah vegetarian biltong is long overdue!

2.    You’re so gorgeous...

You look at this person with dreamy eyes, so dreamy you often overlook their flaws. When they tell a joke all you can think is “you have such a pretty mouth.” LGMM happen in this case not because you really care what the person has to say or what they think, you just want an invitation to experience the aura of their beauty [that sounded good!]

I have had a few LGMM of my own, some thoroughly embarrassing and others for my personal journal only. I’m currently living one giant “let’s get married moment” with a Namibian buddy of mine. I sent him a picture of Chuckles candy and he sent me a picture of Beacon I then texted him “Gosh we are so in tune!” which we all know is code for “Let’s Get Married!” Here are some other instances where the “Let’s get married!” bug might take a hold of you without you even realising it:

1.    You also cheered when Marissa Cooper died!?
2.    You’re also in Team Charlie Swan!? Shut the fuck up! It’s the moustache isn’t it?
3.    So you were born with brown eyes and then they turned black when you were two-years old? I also have eyes...
4.    I was so sure that Adele said “Set fire to Lorraine”, good thing I don’t know any Lorraines and that setting fire to people is illegal.  
5.    I don’t have Twitter either, I meant I also hate those people who join then tweet “I just don’t get this” a couple of times... No, I no longer use my Twitter account.

*Expect for this post to be edited and amended.
I couldn't resist looking for more pictures on Weheartit

"You're a part-time lover, and full-time friend. That monkey on your back is the latest trend, I don't see what anyone would see in anyone else but you." - The Moldy Peaches.

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13 February 2012

Lagerfeld can can put this in his pipe and smoke it

About a week ago I read on Style Has No Size about what Karl Lagerfeld had been saying about Adele. Speaking about how fat she is and how he wouldn't want her in his clothes. I found it mean and uncalled for, but if Lagerfeld wants to keep the skinny movement going with his brands, then he is more than welcome to do it. Adele's comeback made me think of this picture

I got 21 as a Christmas present from my awesome boss, I love it! OH, yes what I meant to say with this post is that at the Grammy Awards Adele sure proved that she is a singer, and a good one at that. She may not look like a model, which she certainly isn't, but she is is gorgeous and sounds like a singer.

I don't know the details of the outfits (not really my area of interest) Congratulations Adele!

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