20 November 2011

Some of the boys I have loved

Patrick Verona, 10 things I hate About You

I thought it fitting to start with one I consider to be my first love. In 10 Things about you Patrick Verona (played by Heath) stole my heart a million times. He smiled, he scowled. He sang and he thought.

RIGHT: Bobby, Home at the End of the World

The Bobby that took on his brother's bohemian ways stole the show (my favourite imaginary is named Bobby). Reviewed as "having no particular ambitions except to love and be loved", he makes it onto the list of people I wish I knew when i was 13.

Andy, The Shawshank Redemption

(I'm paraphrasing here)

ANDY: Are you married? (the speech about how the guard could evade the tax man by signing his earnings over to his wife then..) You could get a couple of cold beers for my men. 

If you've seen the movie you know that he had none (the beer), you also know that he managed to escape.

Seth Cohen, The OC

Before I knew of Dan Humphrey, there was Seth Cohen - fast-talking and adorable.

Orlando, Diary of a Mad black Woman

He inspired the phrase "Now that's a black guy!" 
Dude was on some "If you love me tell me, and trust me not to use that knowledge against you."

Dan Humphrey, Gossip Girl

I met Dan in '09/'10  and I had to watch as he pursued his love of writing and of a girl "out of his league".

Tom, 500 Days of Summer

I'm yet to get fully acquainted with Tom, but I know for a fact when I do he will top this list.

So as it turns out I do have a type, or at the very least a framework. I like: broody, thinker, passionate (Death Cab,architecture, love, writing etc) and my boys don't always get the girl.

A thank you to the minds who wrote these boys and the actors who breathed life into them. R.I.P Heath.

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