13 September 2011

The 18 bubble

A lot of important and hyped-about bubbles have burst as far back as mankind has been documented.  Way back in the 1920s the Jazz age/economic boom bubble burst when Wall Street tumbled (cue quote spoken by Michael Douglas’s character on Wall Street the movie). I’ll take you back farther back in history. Eden was a great bubble. Eve and her other half liked being in paradise, but like most excited people they didn’t read the fine print. They stepped out of line and boom! No more paradise.
There was the .com bubble which ruptured so hard many nerds quickly went back to the drawing board. And how happy are we that the burst forced people to rethink and innovate? Try imagining your life without Twitter and Facebook or Tumblr and instant messaging. Bet you’re grateful now!
Wall Street tumbled, yet again, sometime between 2008 and 2009 and put the entire world’s economy upside down. Not China though, not really. China is a rock star –the exception to most rules.
If you are still reading, here’s the point of this post…
I turned 18-years old in 2010. Yay! Right? Nope, not at all. From the time I was 12, 13, 14-years old I had a “Whooh I’m Legal” shindig planned out in my head. I figured that by the time the big day came around I would have met enough artists, loners and partiers to do something radical.  The following were ranked high on my list of possibilities:
1.    Rent a hotel room and trash it.
2.    Go to a casino, play the slots (I’m not serious enough for poker).
3.    Play six numbers in the lottery. I was holding out for a jackpot.
4.    Order an alcoholic beverage.
5.    Vote.
6.    Get my drivers (it requires 18) right?
And all I remember from 13 January 2010 is some guy(whom I’ve probably deleted) wishing me a happy 18th on Mxit.
Guy : Hi
Me   : Hey
Guy : Happy birth day
Me   : Not really
Guy : How old are you?
Me  : 18
Guy : How’s being legal working out for you?
Me   : Very underwhelming.
I was sober, chilling alone, no trashed room, no Lotto jackpot, no voting and no driver’s license. By the end of the day when Bhuvan got around to coming online and asked “So how’s your day?” all I had was “I’m alive”.
So I don’t know about you, but I’m grateful that my life bubble is still in tact.

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