About My Christmas Dress

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I complain about prices. A lot. If you've read this blog more than once, especially for my "wardrobe" posts or plus size style rants then you know this. Money is very expensive and as much as I like clothes, I'm rarely sure if what I'm paying is worth the clothes. Can you tell I miss finding cute jerseys for R7 that fit me? Anyway, this is about my Christmas dress.

Shoes Repeater

This post is so late. I took these very early in June but never really got a chance to post because life. Part of me feels like I've been scarce around these parts but maybe it's just me, maybe I just miss posting more? Who knows. Anyway, I've been wearing these Reebok shoes a lot. 
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Dawn Want You to Know #YouGotThis

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On Tuesday, I was honoured to be invited to Dawn's brand relaunch at Shine Studios in Braam. For as long as I can remember, I (along with my family) have been one of those people who calls all lotion "Dawn". The brand whether physically or in memory (on those inevitable times we tried other products) has always been a presence in my beauty vocabulary. So, when I received an invitation that proclaimed that "A new Dawn is rising" my interest was piqued.
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