Wearing Black in Spring

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It's ridiculous to me that on a weekend it could be bitey enuf for me to wear a poloneck and a few days later, it's 30+ degrees outside. Now it's raining (blessing!) and cold but I know the heat is out there. Lurking and licking its lips. I kind of hate winter now -- it was appealing when I believed I could get rich and spend my perpetually wintry life being luxurious and doing luxury bitch things but I'm not sure about this warm thigh either, hey. 

New Place Wish List

At the end of September, I packed up my life -- notebooks, piles of notebooks, magazines and books, piles of clothes and kid sister -- and moved house. It was exhausting. We haven't even finished unpacking but we are HERE!

Using Uber in Johannesburg

Why I mostly hate Uber and the (very easy) hack a driver taught me

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I don't have a car. Not only that, but I also don't drive. These two things can be very disadvantageous when you are looking for work (as I learned from my 15 months of unemployment between 2014 and 2015) or you are a person trying to have a life filled with moments of going places. The Johannesburg geography and our poor public transport systems mean that night life can be hella exclusive


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