Skin care Lately

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It's strange, it feels like I'm just going through the motions. It's felt that way for a while now. I wake at the last possible moment, I go to work, I come back home in the dark, I go to sleep far too late, I do not die. Some days I do all the skin care things as effectively as possible. Other days, black soap and water are all I get to. Sometimes, I look up and I've forgotten to moisturise. I judge myself each time too. Thank goodness it's rare. This is what I've been doing for skin care this season/last few months.

About My Christmas Dress

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I complain about prices. A lot. If you've read this blog more than once, especially for my "wardrobe" posts or plus size style rants then you know this. Money is very expensive and as much as I like clothes, I'm rarely sure if what I'm paying is worth the clothes. Can you tell I miss finding cute jerseys for R7 that fit me? Anyway, this is about my Christmas dress.

Shoes Repeater

This post is so late. I took these very early in June but never really got a chance to post because life. Part of me feels like I've been scarce around these parts but maybe it's just me, maybe I just miss posting more? Who knows. Anyway, I've been wearing these Reebok shoes a lot. 
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