Dawn Want You to Know #YouGotThis

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On Tuesday, I was honoured to be invited to Dawn's brand relaunch at Shine Studios in Braam. For as long as I can remember, I (along with my family) have been one of those people who calls all lotion "Dawn". The brand whether physically or in memory (on those inevitable times we tried other products) has always been a presence in my beauty vocabulary. So, when I received an invitation that proclaimed that "A new Dawn is rising" my interest was piqued.

About my New Skirt

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I posted the above lift selfie and a bunch you -- well those who follow me on twirra and IG -- were very complimentary about the look but especially the skirt. Thought I'd share the details and a smallanyana review of the skirt for those of you who are interested in getting it in your lives too.

March, April and May Have Been the Longest Year

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It's almost June. It's June. With the significance the month holds in my life, often I feel like each time I look up it's almost June. Or just after June. Which mostly means it never ends. Each day, I have a dead mother. Some days I'm better at dealing with it than others.

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